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Computer Diagnostic and Repair

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In this video I show you how I diagnose and remedy the symptom this computer is exhibiting.

What screwdriver is Carey using?

What watch is Carey wearing?

Tech-Vets (Carey’s free podcast)

See more of Carey’s video’s here:

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Quality Tofu Delivery says:

My motherboard is brand new and it has ps2 ports.

Stan Hristov says:

hahahah nice cable management 🙂 this is example of pride 😀 😀 😀 thanks

Birdien videolaari says:

Customer played minecraft:D

Stewart Griffin says:

This was hilarious! I wish I could find people to sell these “high end”
gaming rigs to and make 1000% profit. The key is finding a cheap Chinese
futuristic spaceship case. Gotta have lights or it isn’t a gaming rig.

TheGamerWithMore says:

Hey Carey, the computer your fixing is a White Van Scam one.
Someone may have passed it on to the customer or someone may have bought it
from a person who runs the White Van Scam. So I wouldn’t blame the
customer, I would blame the motherboard creators.

PixelDSN - PixelFace says:

Has far has i can see, I only think he plays minecraft …

"PC Mechanic" Santa Barbara Computer Repair says:

Computer Repair and Diagnostics
Thanks CareyHolzman

anthony bourassa says:

My computer is a beefy computer …

Donald Scott says:

Hello Carey. As far as illegal copy of Windows goes, my wife is a teacher,
and staff and students of her school district can get Win7 ultimate upgrade
at a special price. In fact, only $15.

Speedbird says:

My optical drive has the same power-up sound.

DaveSimonH says:

I feel bad for the customer, thinking and *paying* for a gaming PC and get
this dud. Final insult is the W7 Ultimate, with no authentication label.

It’s amazing how many self proclaimed *PC experts* are willing to use
pirated copies of Windows. Well good luck to them, you only have to look at
the current trend of pirated software with coin mining code injected into
it, just one reason to stay with legitimate software.

Dušan Dragaš says:

This video card is ATI HD 4850 made by HIS,so it’s NOT Chinise unbranded
card. Great videos btw Holzman! Greetings from Serbia!

Dan's Nerdcave says:

I have no idea why people think there is a benefit to running illegal
windows… The legal copies are virus free when you buy them and the run
more smoothly in general.

rdbagaming says:

that’s a Chinese branded video card so its a crap video card

Mike Webb says:

i laughed so hard at the end i teared up so bad

temperatechimp says:

The IceQ4 series VGA cooler was used on AMD’s HD 48xx series of cards. HIS
Digital are a specialist AIB partner of AMD’s, been one for ages, like
PowerColor, XFX and VTX3D. That’s a 5+ year old card for sure…and
definitely would not have been on the ‘cheaper end of the scale’ ,

lee smith says:

If home and bargain did pc’s….

GaminGEvolveD says:

Biostar is still in business.

Jursaw says:

This video made me laugh so much. You should do more computer diagnoses.
Good stuff lol

GamerUK11 says:

Carey I love your videos and have inspired me to start doing repairs/builds
self employed! I have started from the beginning of Tech-Vets podcast and
have been making a ton of notes! Would it be possible to see some more
diagnostic videos please. Thank you for all your help and putting me on a
fun career path! 

Killjoy aim says:

That case looks just……

Samiul Akbar says:

Whoever built this, whatever this is, has no experience at all

BobM925 says:

Love your expression at the end Carey!!

I’m willing to bet that was a cheap gaming PC off of eBay, that often come
without an OS to even further cut the costs down. There is a reason they
are cheap! I had an opportunity recently to compare my self build (I’ll
admit my cable management isn’t great…) with that of a friend who bought
his pre-made off eBay. His is far far worse (which made me feel better).
A cheap no-name case with bad cabling, low end motherboard and no-name
PSU. But it at least had a decent AMD FX CPU, Corsair RAM, a Samsung SSD
and an XFX graphics card it it!

CjayyNSC says:

HIS, is a GPU brand that exclusively make cards for AMD. With 4 on the
card, I think it’s a 4xxx AMD/ATI series card.

peter Attersley says:

this is probably like a 7 or 8 year old system?

tim puissant says:

i think the card is an ati hd4890

ChrisCuber123 says:

+rdbagaming That’s not Chinese branded, it’s HIS branded.

Jerome khan says:

so wise, i never really thought about inspecting the tower computer

i would have probably gone head on

i learnt something new 

u wot m8 says:

This hideous case is called the Apevia X-Cruiser-AL…

Stellar lupus says:

The tape on the back side of the pc gave it away! I bet it was a pirated
version of window 7 lol.

u wot m8 says:

Time for all of us to do a collective face palm…

TSGFilms says:

How much would windows 7 probably cost if it didn’t need an activation key.
If it were free then if you had a licence key would it be legal?

Xavier Gamer says:

I love the face Carey makes at the end of this vid. lol

excollier114 says:

…..and that is (one of the many reasons) why I don’t use Windows any
more. You buy a product from them then they dictate to you, the one who
pays their wages, what you can do with it. Well, I told them what they can
do with it, and if they carry out my advice, they won’t find it too easy to
sit down for a while. I don’t game so Linux is the only way. Thanks for the
great videos Carey, it’s helping me through my ComTIA A+ and Network+ (yes
I know it’s Windows based) a great resource.

Patrik Manni says:

That’s a semi-modular power supply, sort of silly, sort of practical. It’s
supposed to be designed so that cables EVERYONE uses are non-modular, like
the 24 pin and the 4 pin CPU power, with the 4-pin molex, sata power and
6/8-pin power connectors being modular. I believe part of the reason they
exist is so that companies can save money by making 2-rail PSUs, calling
them modular, and avoiding people over-loading one rail.

maxwell neuhaus says:

thank u for putt these diagnostic and repair videos on im really
considering becoming a computer builder in new jersey

xCore0320 says:

Why are so many pirates out there.. Used my Windows 7 Home Premium license
from my Acer PC also for my i7 2600k build..

Drunken Ira Hayes says:

Just funny

ChrisCuber123 says:

The brand of the video card is HIS

chippie025 says:

Biostar is cheap knockoff motherboard. Most likely it is dead in 2 years

ForbinColossus says:

Real interesting about your experience with Win 7 Ultimate never being
‘legit’. Am shopping myself now for Win 7 Pro 64-bit and I’m running into
vendors I never heard of selling OEM versions for approx $70 (newegg just
had a sale on that OEM Win 7 for $119). But all that’s likely different
from your mystery builder who maybe loads the same pirated Ultimate on
every pc he sells. (& best of luck with the Mustang repairs, Carey – that
was a lousy situ)

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