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Computer Diagnostic and Repair

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This is a VERY thorough diagnostic video detailing the process of elimination required to determine the cause of a very puzzling problem, but in a very logical way.

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Atmos says:

I'm starting to think Carey does not like that particular case.

anonymous says:

Thanks you help me out I wish to open a pc repair shop

Ty Parker says:

I have watched hours of your content now. I'm working on my first build and I'm really excited about it. I feel like after watching you, I can confidently follow along with your videos and get it put together correctly. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge!

David Hill says:

Another excellent video. Much appreciated!

Gregory Hafen says:

that is a great looking Build Carey.

F. Teixeira says:

"lets build something that looks cool, disregarding fucntionality completely"- this case maker

Zacky531 says:

I'd be really pissed off too. I had bad computer setups to deal with but this is terrible (and stupid).


You're cool man.

Ive been repairing my own pc ever since i got my first one.

I love PCs.

I wish i could have a job repairing them but alas there is no opportunity for me in this country.

Constantinos Zafiris says:

thank you for your care all ways I will think of your words is that I have confdent

Michael Neivandt says:

Thanks for bringing us these helpful videos. Please keep making more diagnostic and repair vids please.

alex tudy says:

you are too much boss god bless u

Déjàvu says:

I love your videos man and i hope u will get more subscribers. Posting videos like PC repairing its amazing becaus you help us so much in this way 🙂 Thank you!

popacap22 says:

15:25 haha they didnt heed your advice, and came back to you for repairs… Im guessing that was a cash cow for you

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