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Computer beeps and won’t turn on Fix

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Computer beeps and won’t turn on Fix. PC beeps continuously and won’t turn on and show any image on screen. Desktop beeping fix. Desktop won’t turn on, fans spin but no image on screen.

Beep error Code Meaning for Different Bios’s:

Beep codes are used by the BIOS during the POST to report certain initial system errors.

If you’re hearing beep codes after you turn your computer on, it typically means that the system has encountered some kind of problem before it was able to display any kind of error information on the monitor.

Steps in the Video:

Step 1:
Shut down your PC

Step 2:
unplug your power cord

Step 3:
Remove your side panel Screws

Step 4:
Remove the side panel itself

Step 5:
Locate your Pc memory slots

step 6:
pick one of your memory, Pull the memory latch back gently on both ends of the memory slot to release it

Step 7:
Remove the memory

Step 8:
Test your PC by plugging in the power & Vga cable, and turning it on to listen for if the continuous beep continues or if a image appears on screen

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ProCoComputerRepairs says:

+Jag Singh yes you can, if your computer doesn’t show display again, just
remove the card you put back in. It could possibly be the cause of the
problem, or the ram slot is bad.

Doge says:

Wow this fixed my problem.. Weird thing is when I plugged the RAM back in,
it worked fine, apart from an error message saying ram had been added on

Asther Coba says:

dude please help meeee…my pc is beeping but insanely fast. like
sjkdbfbjskdfhfbdfbf fast. same problem can’t start. i tried what you did.
it worked but only for that day. then i got to reset the memory card over
and over agn.

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

Muhammed Ali, Yes, you can. Sometimes reseating the ram works.

HighTimeGamers says:

Life savers! Thank you so much :)

ProCoComputerRepairs says:

Thanks Joseph! 

Robert Magar says:

Hey Pro Computer My Pc Starts And Runs Well But When I Plug the Wire Of
Speaker in The place It Produce Beep Or Unusual Sound Can i get Help Pls

TheModzBox says:

Thank you holy fuck dude cant believe it was that easy to fix

Dhgxg Beachfront says:

Can u help me, I take it out and same thing happens please help

Mert Dogan says:

I got 4 slots in my computer and i had 1.5GB Ram. So I found an old
Computer in the back of my room. I decided to open it and look how I can
upgrade my computer. I noticed the old pc had 2x 504MB Rams in it and i had
2x 504MB and 2x 254MB Ram in my main computer. So I took out the 504’s from
the old computer and replaced them with my 254MB’s so I had 2GB. My PC
started beeping when I tried turning it on. I shut it down and tried again.
At the third time my computee had no problems. It started .. I got on my
Desktop, I checked if I really had 2GB of Ram now and I had it. But I dont
know how it happened but it shut down automatically ( I didnt do it
manually ) and when I tried turning it on it started beeping again. Till
now it’s still beeping.

Wiktor Wiktor says:

I hope it works for my cousin


i had a laptop, and this is the same problem that i have. what im gonna do?

Mhuz Lord says:

Thank you, you rule!

Michael marks says:

Thánk you bro this happened to me and your instructions worked I need my PC
for my music I am a hip hop artist thank you man 🙂 

Killerhawk says:

its still not working, i think i might send you a video of what im doing,
or if i have 3 sticks can those be placed anywhere or…. do i have to look
at which sticks are what and place them in a certain spot, oh yeah when i
have nothing in there it beeps

uphill248 uphill248 says:

Crazyroadblack…I’m 8, give me a fucking break. Why don’t you answer the
fucking question if your so smart, hoe.

McAwesome says:

It work but my computer automatically shutdown after an hour

enigmA says:

Thanks guys you saved my PC

Irdak Inasa says:

Thank you. I fixed my pc but still fuck me becouse i screwd up. Now i have
1 gb of 2

TheFireFistGamer says:

thank you this worked 

Stephen Dickens says:

Ive had the same problem almost. On a dell 530, it beeps one and then no
screen and system don’t load. The only solution Ive discovered is if you
unplug the video cord on the computer,,then turn computer on, wait for the
one beep, then replug the video cord in, you get video, and system loads.
Ironic I know.

groeneraket says:

What pc is that

alexander hernandez says:

How am I supposed to open it if my family use it (when it worked) and not
get in trouble?

wondersam12 says:

Yea bro my PC is beeping very short beep any way to fix?

Fabio 狼 says:

that didn’t help at all, i have a laptop and can’t open it

Dijwar Xalko says:

Thank you very much, it worked for me very well !!

Xinuka says:

Thanks! lol

uphill248 uphill248 says:

It worked thank you.I got a question. I don’t see you a graphic card in
that case when I opens it, is that even possible?

Rafly Subhan says:

THX dude!!!your the best….your fix my PC,and now i can gaming

Bannazkit says:

What to do if the pc still beeps when the ram has been removed?

MyMiniCheesecake says:

This helped me boot my PC. Thank you for the video!

LEDairsoft says:

Thank you so much /we were about to give up on our computer we thought it
gotten to old since its been in the closet for 2 years but what you said
fixed it

James Bradshaw says:

Not working.. I tried removing one it didn’t work. Tried both and it beeps
but this time the fan seems to accelerate and stay on but still no display.
Please help?

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