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Compaq Desktop Computer Repair – No Activity on Startup

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Watch as we diagnose and attempt to repair this early Compaq Presario desktop computer. This Computer has the responsibility of running a Sign Shops CNC Vinyl cutter machine.

Compaq Desktop Computer Repair – No Activity on Startup

The Guru Brew is a weekly entertainment show that focuses on teaching and introducing viewers about everything from computer repair to building your own robot, presented in a very simple easy to understand way. Please join us as we document our techie adventures where something fun and new is always brewing.

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Jason Hicks (TyrForFreedom) says:

"You can pick up Power Supplies for cheap" I'd say don't go cheap on your power supply!

Mona Sen says:

My computer is dying, cant power it on, I need computer repair in kolkata ? anyone please suggest?

BiddieTube says:

Wow, my first computer, bought it new, is almost same, just a little taller case and no onbord graphics. Mine came with millennium but after a short while I put xp on it. It is sitting on the bench right now, running, I am experimenting with Mach3 CNC on it. Except for a hard drive, I do not think it had any other hardware failures. Almost certainly I have changed the graphics card though, but low wattage one because using original psu. I been wondering when the mobo battery will go out, cant believe it is still good. Those are well built computers, I think old dells are great too, which I had bought 3 of. I build my own now and have been doing that for a long time.
From what I have seen the leading cause of computer failure is dirt. And often, the only repair needed is to blow out the computer with clean dry low pressure air. I have repaired many over internet chat that way, just explained to person how to do that, they did and Wolla, it works again. Any computer I use a lot, I clean it out at least 2 times a year. I am glad you fixed that computer, I bet it continues to work for many more years.

CD Player Guy says:

I used to be a fan. Now I'm a air conditioner

WaybackTECH says:

I know exactly what you are talking about with the company not wanting to provide another piece of software. Their only interest is in selling new equipment, and will not support the old stuff. Real shitty companies IMO, and there are a lot of them. Then you get the ones that don't support the latest browser or 64 bit OS till 3 years later.

Richard B says:

Fun to see an old Compaq computer. Better still, you were able to replace the power supply for an easy fix

MarkTheMorose says:

As interesting as the real head-scratching repairs can be, most of the time you just want a simple component-swap repair! This is why I've always preferred a desktop PC built from standard components, over a laptop or other portable.

Noel Dowds says:

Hey Steve
Hope your well …. More PC repair Videos PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

KelvinTheComputerGuy says:


Lakesidearmorer says:

Is there usually a fuse of some sort in the power supply that can be replaced?
Great video and I would also like to see a video on the Vinyl Cutter.

hamrad88 says:

I love restoring old computers and saving them from the landfill. Thumbs up.

Jeffrey Benshoff says:

You should dissect the power supply and see what made it die.  Would make a nice follow up video.

hankus253 says:

A buddy of mine just purchased a Vinyl cutter.  I for one would like to see the one you can examine.

chrisstv1979 says:

I have that same computer and if you would like I can take mine apart and ship it to you if you'd be willing to foot the bill so you always have parts in case it happens again. I don't need mine anymore and would like to see it go to a good home where could be used. You would get the motherboard CPU and memory hard drive and power supply I wouldn't include the case

Bill Bob says:

I have this Compaq model running Windows ME in my room next to me for nostalgia haha. Good video!

AnalogX64 says:

I love tinkering with old pc's as well 🙂 and i do keep spare PSU just incase :)

Crazy Monkey (Jame Pond) says:

if you plug the psu into the tester via 24 pin or older 20 pin do you then need to plug that into the motherboard so as a bridge, then press power button?

Ben Waddick says:

Love computer stuff on this channel!

NW says:

Interesting video, i guessed power supply as well. Same thing happened to my old P4 computer.

abdul ashfaq says:

Can you check PSU with multi-meter?

GuruBrew says:

Bla, Bla, Bla…..

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