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Colors messed up on iPad? Here’s how to fix it

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Did you drop your iPad and the screen colors got weird/strange/wrong/inverted/messed up? Here is how to solve the problem with screen bleeding and screens that turned red/green/yellow/blue or other colours: Put the iPad on a bed or similar, clap a few times on the back – just above the Apple logo. That will do. See movie for details:


lana lana says:

great video
nice tip too☺

lana lana says:

thank you so it helped so much

Bangtan. SugaV says:

Nvm it worked a bit

XDDDYuki says:

OMFG!It worked!thank you soooo much!this happened on my iPad twice and I always use this trick to fix it

Henry Dickinson says:

Haha nice one it really works 👍

Krystal Le says:

Omg thank you so much! My iPad has a dent now, but it's ok.

ᑕαггeгα M says:

Did it first dry with a Tupperware cup😂

Aniel Flores says:

Than you sool much i acant thank you enough thank you younare heaven sent thank you

Ninja Shadow says:

How do u do it?

Earvin De Leon says:


Antonio Crabhammers says:

Thx Man U r a life saver

Assassin Dragon says:

Does this work for galaxy tab
note 4?

PandoraBox says:

Love u guy! Worked for me

Elshya Sim says:

Thanks so much.. It's really help.. It's work..

sachikoblueakio says:

Wow.. it worked!

OK, first I placed my iPad on the bed. Then, I grabbed a firm plastic bottle, the ones used for lotion or hair styling cream (looked pretty safe to use) and I hit the back of the iPad (right above Apple's logo, as shown) around two times and changed back to normal after a few seconds.

Thanks @Anders Frick ^^

II_xDestroyer_II says:

Thank you dude
He works with me 😀

Dennis Trumpy says:

Yep, worked perfectly. I was fearful at first but after seeing all the positive comments realized it really does work. Thanks loads for posting this. – D

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