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Cell Phone Screen Replacement, Done Correctly! Replace Glass on Smart Phone Tarpon FL

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We replace your broken screen without shortcuts. Using adhesive to adhere the new screen is a must. Many other “Cell specialists” go the cheap route, and you pay in the end. We use the same methods Samsung, etc.. use when replacing and repairing your smart phone. Come see us to get it done the right way. Cell screen repair, Smart phone screen repair, replace your broken screen on your phone, replace broke glass on your cell phone.
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Broken screens are not a problem. We repair cell phone screens same-day.
We are conveniently located in Pinellas County, Florida. Our address is 425 S. Pinellas Ave in Tarpon Springs, FL. 34689. We are south of the Famous Tarpon Springs Sponge Docks. Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile dealer. Serving all of Tampa Bay.
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snight01 says:

way too much glue. fucking idiot

Brian Cash says:

ur the best

Dan Beckley says:

what do you charge to replace a screen


Turn the volume up, dude! With all due respect, you should learn how to make a video first…

Jet Overboard says:

This video sucks, how did you get the broken one off, what did you
use don't use this guy, I hate bad YouTube vids

Jewel James says:

where are u guys located

jorge m says:

hi, did it tuis way, and i got purple spots on the screen, do you know what i did wrong? please help. thanks

Craig D says:

Glue overload. Lol. If no UV lamp you can cure the glue by sticking the phone in strong sunlight.

Elizabeth Maseda says:

If you have a screen that is badly cracked, how would you go about removing it?

I_OWN _KOI says:

Will elmers adhesive glue work

David Bauer says:

did he put double sided 2 millimeter pieces of tape on the top and on the sides to create a protective damn so the glue won't seep into the top bottom area?

Mobbn Doe says:

When i saw soooooooo much glue and that poor home button, i wanted to fed ex u a note 2 mold. But then i thought to myself, no way he knows how to remove the lcd from the frame w/o cracking it.
Nice vid tho??

Elminster Whitedragon says:

Thanks for posting.

felix8283 says:

sorry, my comment wasn't meant for your video. It was meant for the previous video (the video of the man using a hammer to smash his already broken screen). Your video was informative and professionally done. Thank you.

felix8283 says:

what a complete waste of time!

Chloe Lee says:

Hi It is so nice of you to show other people how to replace phone screen. Located in Huaqiangbei Shenzhen China, we are a trading company that mainly deal with phone screens and other parts. Kindly let me know if you are interested. Thanks

Emarkeo Jackson says:

can yall fix a crack screen of a Blu Studio 7.0 smartphone?

Sophia Payne says:

i want to know how can i get my phone fixed….My phone fell na d the ink is out

DaveJones876 says:

do you have any videos for replacing a cracked screen and digitizer on the blu life pro? thanks very much for your videos!

Tarrin Curtis says:

You used twice as much UV clue on the LCD thats why its bleeding thru the phone. Good job though i just would use less glue

Rudy Suarez says:

the problem with these tutorial videos is that when a good tech takes a look at this it just looks bad first of all you dont need a second guy to cure your refurbishing another thing is why are you over loading it with uv glue and the tape in the back is not neccessary because you dont spill that much and i can clearly see where even though your glass is attached to the lcd your glass frame is not attached to the mid frame wich is really important so there will be no liftage i can see where your home button is not flush but sunk into the bottom as your ear piece is as well ..this is not a very good video …

L. Ron Hoyabembe says:

2:44 ebay notification

Techshieldz says:

Just seeing that elmer glue makes me think you guys are bad techs.

Frank Gutierrez says:

He does not follow ESD Procedures! This is not the way Samsung would do this.

Tommy Light says:

So if i find a android cell phone outside in the grass or the side of the road with a cracked screen and it's a really good phone i could pick it up and take it home and fix the screen and have a working phone. I will go buy the liquid adhesive and go outside to do some broken cell phone searching and test out my fixing skills to see if i can bring the phone back to life.

AD_ALA says:

к сожалению ты не умеешь работать качественно

Lion Bryce says:

is liquid adhesive just a fancy word for strong glue?

pankaj gaikwad says:

i want to know what is that liquid you used

christopher love says:

This guy doesn't even test the display in the diagnostic mode Samsung provides lmfao, newb

Lunas Store says:

Thank you for the knowledge of your video. I have a question, what is the brand of the liquid adhesive and where do you buy it. I'm new in the business of repairing cell phones. Thank you again for the information. Happy holly days .

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