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CBS 5 Computer Repair Scam Investigations Geek Squad pc repair scam

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Video of unethical computer repair places.

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TV reporters rigged up a computer failure and sent it off for computer repairs. Some honest technicians were found, and then there were those.



I did this with the geek squad nearby my area. but I disconnected the CPU 4
Pin power connector and they told me I had a toasted board, CPU is fried
and my HDD is dead too. 

ABonita Scarf says:

I had my Yahoo Store close me out by saying my password wasn’t valid, then
it had a warning notice with a toll free number. I spent $250 for them to
clean my computer I could then log in and publish changes on my website
store. After making another change on my website store and trying to
publish it on Yahoo Site a Builder I am getting error again that my
password is incorrect when it is correct!
Are there any other small business owners out there that are getting
scammed like I did?

VlogUntilDawn says:

Geek Squad is a waste of money. Don’t ever get the extended warranty from
Best Buy. You’re better off getting serviced by a local computer repair
company. It’s cheaper, and they usually won’t BS you.

Aaron Mitchell says:

wow unbelievable 

popacap21 says:

General rule of thumb, if you can see your Hard drive in the bios, then
its not dead… worse case senario you will have to format and reinstall
the O/S always take it w/ a grain of salt if a component is “dead”
computer hardware is pretty tough now

vampire847 says:

they CHARGE to clean up viruses!? Let alone looking at geek squads website
they offer to “Speed up” your computer for a 120 dollar home visit…
looking at what they do it is literally nothing special at all that you
can’t do yourself in an hour or so with FREE programs online!

FallingSlowly8 says:

My grandmother didn’t know that the pop up to update Adobe Flash was normal
so she called Geeksquad to get help and instead of the person telling my
grandma how to install it they made her pay $50 upfront and go through a
whole rigmarole… trying to make more money off of her. That was until I
fixed it myself in 2 minutes 

iYearn4Cats says:

GeekSquad is not a family owned computer repair business. They are an
affiliate created by a larger company. 

jruss says:

And that’s why I taught myself how to fix and build pc’s in the 7th grade. 

Andrew Winkle says:

Isnt this awesome that in this day an age we base a whole company off of
one person! I love it :p

Eric Budnick says:

jruss ( microsoft security essentials went offline nearly 6 months ago, the
database system is no longer being updated. So, if you have this AV you are
not protected the way you should be, also not every AntiVirus on the planet
will find all of the same virus’s, we run up to 7 AntiVirus programs in a
sequence when diagnosing PC’s, certain ones will find things that others
did not. Anyone who believes differently is one of the people described in
this video as a person who doesnt know what they are doing when it comes to
computers. No offense in that regard, do your homework before going out and
thinking all of the people that fix computer are charging too, much, i
agree some places charge too much, but, if you cant fix it yourself, you
are paying someone for their years of practice in IT and their knowledge
about the subject. There also isnt any exact diagnosis book and steps 1-10
to follow when fixing computers, every situation is different. Ive been
working on computers for over 10 years, going to school for it, and was in
the military for it. People are ignorant.

danny berne says:

Terrible. The only thing I can say in defense of those horribly dressed
“doctors” is that some antivirus programs work better than others.

birdbrainxzx says:

ROFL Megabil???????????????????????????????????

Monkey Bread Films says:

wow sad i fix computers for free and they charge over 300 to plug in sata
cables and some times they look at ur photos and put them online

titegtnodI says:

Megabyte and a megabil? I think you mean megabit haha.

Training4Max says:

Probably wont POST at all. So no malware to be found.

PC_GameWorld says:

take a empty pc case to geek squad and see what kind of viruses they can

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