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CBS 5 Computer Repair Investigations

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KPHO CBS 5 performed a computer repair investigations testing computer repair companies, and of course Geek Squad… well watch the video. Check out my website DesertPCSupport.com


travis whitcher says:

the two guys in the lab coats was a big LMFAO for me, not even IT/IS do we
Ware lab coats

Richard Cerio says:

It’s all about the money. I am in san diego ca. I fix computers for $5 for
gas and a meal at jack-in-the-box. Coustomer pays for parts. I have
thousands of coustomers tell me they took their laptop to best buy or
someone else and they wanted 3 days and $500. In one case I fixed their
laptop in less than 5 minutes. In most cases, 15 to 30 min max. to me the
money is not an issue. People who know me well call me steve job’s jr. That
is very important.

glennjridge says:

I got ” the motherboard is dead”thing from bestbuy when after a second
opinion it turned out it was actually a clogged fan which was overheating
my graphic card causing blue screens of death…from some honest guy who
repaired computers from his moms house.

McSquidification says:

This is hardly a new thing. Car mechanics have been doing this for decades.

Kane Smith says:

Stop browsing heaps of porn and clicking on spam email links. Clean your
hard drive once per week and do a daily scan. 4 years later, no virus, no
issues, computer runs as fast as the day I built it. Seriously people,
STOP. WITH. THE. PORN. Every issue I ever see I find half deleted cookies
from porn sites out the a$$. They don’t build those sites to stream you
free porn. Nothing is free.

Chris Hudson says:

nice… keep your eyes open …. and read reviews the truth will be told

balkanns b says:

Dont take domputers for repair to those geek fuckers in best buy, they are
lisrespectfull little fuckers who need a lession

jb0177 says:

Those idiots at Geek Squad would try to tell you that you have a virus on a
linux box.

Fryklballs says:

Disconnecting a cord from the CD Player?

Michael Mitchell says:

Finding viruses/spyware is still very possible, they don’t all catch the
same malware.

V Singularity says:

Shit I want to wear lab coat too.

Someguyto says:

Usually when a hard drive goes bad there is no saving the data.

Green Bay PC says:

Interesting video

CBS 5 Computer Repair Investigations

Lee Hobbs says:

If I lived in USA I would probably beg for a job at your shop.

retart441 says:

thats why im saying we should start a company something legit.

beermandan420 says:

Finally a news story that is worth a damn! I work at a computer repair shop
tell you, that the hour it takes me to do a hard drive format, then windows
reinstall is not worth the 175 dollars it costs.

rob g says:

hahaha “using your thumb could cost you an arm and a leg” for a total
repair, check over, virus removal, the works is only $100. i know i trust
my pc guys. and no lab coats!

lodevijk says:

Exactly the same applies to cars.

Reece Dingle says:

thats what i’m doing when i’m older fixing computers

peterFans says:

Best Buy = Best Price???

david b says:

@codeythesilent a degree, yes… less so a certification. real world
experience will take you a hell of a lot farther than a piece of paper
saying you passed a test about computers.

Zacharyt54 says:

@warmoviesboy Hell ya dude you’re prolly 18 now! ME too! I was 14 when i
built mine! Learn it from the internet right? EASY

Mistical Flames says:

i was around 15-17 y old when my pc window xp stop working and just to save
some cash i open my pc first before deciding to take it to bestbuy and the
first thing i notice there was a lose cable inside and i figure where to
connected and just like magic my pc start working again lol

prototype21 says:

Same thing w. car repair, just add a extra 0 to the charging fee.

crazybuizel says:

An easy fix – download and burn the Ubuntu “try-me” disk, grab your data,
then after you grab your data just do a system recovery. :/

billyboi57 says:

Educate yourselves about computers. It’s not that difficult. They are not
mysterious machines. They contain wires and circuit boards like your other
electronics. And get a reputable antivirus program.

Revanavarice says:

The real geeks who decide to go into repair work don’t join the GeekSquad
as option one -the name alone indicates oxymoron at first glance (like
Virgin Techs, Basement Magic, or Antisocial Artisans). I feel bad for their
consumers because exploitation happens, but it is the same issue with most
“repair.” Unless you have advice from someone who has knowledge of that
field (to some degree; if you’re friend knows more than the shop, find a
better shop), what is saving you from being ripped off?

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