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Can Apple Repair My Most Destroyed iPhone X’s!?!

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iPhone X’s are a huge investment, and that begs the question how easily can you repair an iPhone X if you take it into an Apple store? And what if they are totally destroyed? How much to fix them then? It’s time to find out! It’s going to be epic, let’s get started!!


Savvy Dude says:

Let's buy some Apple stock!

Sophie's Blog04 says:

Nice shirt, I’m a hufflepuff though

Maxwell Weinbach says:

Tmobile is better

King_Of_Gaming says:

GizmoSlip those aren’t brand new they are refurbished Apple just fixes broken phones and when u need a fixed phone it’s just one that’s refurbished

indranarayan basu says:

Its not fair atcually apple will repair it and sell it to someone else

Klein Ollagon says:

Can I get 1 of that from you? Pls🙏

Haven Elias-Branca says:

The phone should only cost 270$ to repair, as Apple only puts 270$ into the phone, while it cost 1000$ + broken =1550$ so… 1550 – 270= 1380$ in wich there banking. Still impressed with Apple?

Ramon De Vos says:

The fact that Apple can still make a profit when they sell you a new iPhone X for $549 makes the $999 price far too expensive!

Theo Leander Simonsen says:

They dont give you brand new phones i think they give you used but am not sure

hanan qadeer says:

Do u wanna sell this phone
I will pay 700

Liyakat Shaikdare says:

It's a good deal because one iPhone X is £ or $1200

Joseph Flores says:

Congrats, u just paid $547.50 for a screen and the back glass.
Sounds good to me… 😂😂😂
Open ur eyes people!

S.S says:

Anyone got any fully functional iPhone 10s with broken back glass??
I want those !

Itz MD says:

Buy yourself white one smash the Back glass and paint the cracks

Nick G says:

“I think that one fell off a balcony” lmao

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