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Build PC Repair USB Toolkit

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Build PC Repair USB Toolkit

if you are in the computer repair industry having all you tools to hand can save a lot of time, I like to create many different types of USB pen drives with all my bits of software I like to use. You can make a Bootable PC Rescue USB with tools like Acronis, Hirens Boot CD, Paragon Partition Wizard, Memtest86+ and maybe Kaspersky Rescue CD. the list is endless, you can add what software you use most. Whether its data recovery software or Windows operating systems. The choice is yours.

What this video and see how easy it is to create your own multiboot usb drive or Tech Toolkit.

To start to make your portable PC Maintenance Toolkit
download winsetupfromusb

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David Romero says:

it all blurry

Will “King Geek” Mccartha says:

Great vid britec! Where can I get all the iso files? I am a tech geek(Kinda still learning) want to make this usb tool on my 8GB flash drive.

Rick Guidry says:

subscribed awesome vids bro !!!

Ashley Ploss says:

i have a question on oct 9 i put in a cd r in my computer to get folders n documents off while when i did that my sister put my screen down n the cd r was still in my computer i had to turn it off bc all it was balck screen now all my folders ducument n videos r gone how do i get them back

James Tramel says:

Really Nice Tutorial. Thanks

FaZe Xbox says:

Where did you get the WinSetupFromUSB Background?

Supreme PhotoVideo says:

You're the BEST!

Sean 2003 says:


how to download the iso file

Bill Tatum says:

Thanks again for yet another awesome video!

Rony Hossain says:

hello sir can you show me how to make menu graphics please help me that Thank You :)

Fuji. A. says:

Please do a video on black screen virus at startup

ali10163 says:

another great video from the great britec you truly ate the best tech tuber I don't see why you don't have more subscribers.

cyberjack says:

thanx bri

Robert Symonds says:

can you create one for a UEFI BIOS…..

Bojarun Boleslov says:

Boleslov Bojarun kurciuju

david robinson says:

Can you do a video how you made iso

david robinson says:

Where did you get the Iso files

Trebor Lebaz Vapes says:

excellent video once again,thank you Brian,have a great weekend my friend.

Manny Roman says:

Great video thank you so much

x213ERx says:

Do you have a video for windows on USB?

cee128d says:

I normally use Yumi to do this, but I'm definitely going to give this a try for my next one.Thanks.

Ashish Wadhawan says:

Great video. May I know where can I get the wallpaper which is on your screen. I just loved it. Which wonderful place is that?

Avi Weisz says:

nice video. i had to overcome the fact that UEFI bioses boot only from FAT32 partition. and that my Windowses install.wim are greater than 4gb because they include some software. i created two partitions in the flash drive one fat32 , and one ntfs to include all windows files. what i`ve learned from this video is that grub4dos is now better to boot ISO files then in the past.

S4Sx4NDY says:

Awesome video buddy!

Your PCMD says:

winsetupfromusb gets stuck at: Preparing NT6 boot files, please wait…

Nevermind, I got it. ISO's need to be named different. Like if you have Windows 8.1 Home, You cannot use another ISO named Windows 8.1 Pro. Which is messed up IMO.

Now then, how do you convert a jpeg, bmp to a gfx file?

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