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Best way to fix iPhone,iPod & iPad Lightning USB cable

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This video tutorial shows you how to fix Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Lightning USB cable.

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Son of a rocket Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0


AwsOs Badr says:

I’ve a aftermarket cable
The colour inside the cable are different it has a 1green 2red 3pink 4blue
Should i install it the same way as the original one ?
I mean I want to change the board cause it’s cheap

Xiuhcoatl says:

i’m too lazy for this! 

Aidan Šeštokas says:

Most people don’t own a soldering iron. I do, but I’d still just buy
another cable…

janet moala says:

Ain’t nobody got time for that

kim mendy says:

My iPod /iPhone cable charger is not working I think it’s broken and not
wanting to charge and this made it worst what should I do 

MiSsDeHrAb says:

it’s a useful video, i would like to thank to share this with us.. but i
hope next time you care about the focus of your camera .. thanks again

waqas arshed says:

which wire and where have to sold???? i cant under stand through video ???

Scott Hugill says:

Pointless, I fixed mine only using:
– Qeutips
– Straws
– Fluff
– Blunt scissors
– Sharp scissors
– Electrical tape
– Elastic bands

Lawrence Carter says:

To hell with it I`ll just buy a new one

Janus Limburger says:


Could you please make a simple drawing of how to attach the cables in the
lightning please. I could not recognize it in the video. I want to make one
for in my car via usb charger. Now the iphone tells me every time “the
device is’nt good”…


Celine Evans says:

This idea works but my iPad charger doesn’t work and I don’t have the
utensils u have used

lepayen says:

I like the video, except for one thing. The problem I have with these
cables is that the connector detaches from the board.

OoWildBoyOo says:

Or imma gonna assume it is just trash your pulling from your a%#

Kevin Boyles says:

Isn’t it easier to just buy a new lightning cable? Seems like the logical
thing to do!!!!! Jeez! Why waste your time with trying to fix the cable if
you know that you’re just going to fuck it up anyway?

de young says:

you gonna set your house on fire with this stuff simply buy a new charger.
do you know glue can melt too when it gets too hot?

michael rosen says:

You know if you own a hair dryer there’s no need for cutting the housing.
The two literally slides out after heating it up because the board and
housing is held together with hot glue.

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