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Best iPhone 3G Repair Video – Fix cracked glass fast! | MissionRepair.com

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Mission Repair does it again by showing the masses how to repair a cracked glass screen digitizer safely and fast. Visit http://www.missionrepair.com/iPhone_3G_Complete_Digitizer_Assembly_Front_Glass_p/822-4048.htm to order yours today. Mission Repair stocks the high-quality glass assemblies and can ship immediately. Visit www.missionrepair.com to order yours today.

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missionrepair says:
Sheldon Davis says:

do it yourself or 20.00 to replace for you…

Green Rabbit says:

not to be random but at around 4:05 you sound like the terminator

jodie peace says:

Can anybody tell me if this works in iphone 4 please I droped my phone and
smashed my screen wanna repair myself if it’s possible? 

allmp3music says:

Great tutorial. It worked like a charm!

jodie peace says:

Does this work on iPhone 4??Or just 3g?? Can anybody help me please 🙂 

J Mac says:

Thanks for the info saved me time and money

mfskarphedin says:

Ah, packing tape over the glass! Genius. I was here for a few minutes
trying to get it off with no luck, lol.

alexio doloso says:

Does it fix speakers

Alexandro Hernandez says:

If the phone is cracked and the LCD is not cracked should the LCD still

James stott says:

i suggest to anybody planning on replacing their broken glass to check out
ebay you can get the same product that this guy is selling for around $8
where as he is charging $50 or you can also get get a full replacement
screen including LCD screen for around $20 so shop around before purchasing
the product from missionrepair 

D M says:

Worked good, thanks for the video.

James stott says:

$50 for that the phone is barely worth $50

cookeay says:

my glass has fallen off due to a crack at the top end of the phone . and is
held on by just the ribbon cable, but the glass I different to the one
shown in the video.

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