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Banned from Apple Support Community–plus botched touch ic job fix

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Banned! From https://discussions.apple.com/community/iphone/iphone_hardware

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aznk1d15 says:

Imma troll the crying man kilt baby

QuakeCBR says:

Hey Jessa, you've mentioned a few times that ZXW dongle can be purchased from ipadrehab.com store but I don't see it there.

Mark Yates says:

Louis was significantly more expensive than Jessa last I checked! Of Course Louis lives in the city so that's to be understood.

Tony Tone says:

I can't wait to see them get whats coming to them.

BangDroid says:

Even though I've watched this video in it's entirety, and many many other iPad Rehab videos, YouTube still says I've never watched them. That little red bar at the bottom of the thumbnail is missing on every one of your vids. Is that a setting on your end, or is YT just being silly?

Mark Yates says:

Apple is absolutely not interested in what is best for the consumer. If they were they would promptly reinstate Jessa's account and apologize refusely for whoever banned her.

What a bunch of Losers! Jessa could bring a lot to the community. I'm not sucking up I am just being real and giving credit where due. Calling your advice questionable is an absolute farce and a joke.

Jerry Kelleher says:

What type of camera are you using on the Microscope and have you the same quality looking through the lens that is seen on the PC.

*Danni* says:

just say you were banned for being a woman, macintosh will send you a pallet of iphone 7s.

Mr. Geek says:

16:20 – Worse than Apple "withholding" information. They are engaged in intentional information obstruction. Applying the infamous Reality Distortion Field to American consumers without their knowledge or consent. Ugh!

DUKE says:

I did a test where i had to dry a bottle with water droplets inside. It did jack all in rice. Correction, it made the bottle more dusty. It was faster for me to place it near an aircond outlet to speed up evaporation.

Able Baker says:

Don't open your iPhone or the magic faerie dust and invisible rainbow 🌈 unicorn farts will escape!!!
Not only will you be SOL for all eternity but you'll single handedly cause global warming, cause kittens to die and traumatize baby jesus.
ONLY a horrible inhuman monster would ever open an iPhone.
The responsible person would empty their bank account and head down to the crApple Authorized won't Repair shop and sacrifice their life-savings on the altar along with their first born, and three fingers of their left hand for a very small can of turd polish.

Lionstar says:

LMAO a 5s i should pull a prank ON the Apple store and take a old 1st gen iphone

Lionstar says:

LMAO Apple fourms are so stupid

Greg M says:

Seems that the upstream issues on the live stream are also showing up on the YouTube recording. The frequent pausing of the video with the audio continuing is a network issue during the recording session. Was amazed at how much of the conversation I missed during the live stream until I watched the recording which got the audio portion ok.

Andrew Harnaman says:

Congrats Grandma your now more badass than Louis 😀

richard cranium says:

apple is overrated anyways. and then you have forums. i used to participate with several but there were too many know it alls giving bad advice. figured it best not to be a part of that scene. thier loss

TheNinjaMarmot says:

Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Money is their bottom line. You're trying to break their rice bowl. What do u think they will do when they hold the power.

Stefan Tarras-Wahlberg says:

I think Apple's reaction is just moronic. They have a good idea with this 'working out of the box' thing, and it is really useful for many users. But if they don't offer data recovery themselves they really shouldn't try so hard for others to not do it.
Either release the information, the firmware etc for 3rd part repair services, or start doing it yourself!
I have never seen a commercial from Apple trying to let me RENT a product. I buy it! Then it is mine and I choose how to handle it, including how I would like it repaired.
Of course they shouldn't release the raw code for the FW etc, but the ready compiled ones should really not hurt them at all.
The way their business model works they focus on users that want the original brand and shouldn't really be afraid of them buying China-copies.
Even General Motors don't suggest you to wreck your car if one of the logic controllers or CPU's are defective. That would not make any sense, just like it doesn't make any sense for Apple to wreck a phone just because one chip (or even one smaller component) is defective.

Megas Megasinskiy says:

Умничка ,самородок

David Owens says:

I love what you do… Sorry you’ve been banned – I find your advice to be sound… what’s the fluid you are using on the board – flux?

ademar9988 says:

As an apple user i feel disgusted by this behaviour . I have an iphone SE , IT WILL BE MY LAST IPHONE , fuck you apple

Doc. Volt says:

Apple support in a nutshell:

1)turn it off and on
2)bring in to a genius bar
3)it is old buy the new one

finding REAL informations on the web has become horrible.

Marcin Berman says:

I suppose someone at Apple watched your stream and banned you and Mark, as you were the two forum users that were definitely working in a repair shop.

RSC Electrical says:

Hey Jessa: Time for some sleep girl, you sound worn out. From what I've heard / read: Apple support is a joke, only reason you got banned is for telling it as it is. I suppose Apple would find it inappropriate, your showing them up for what they are.

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