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Back glass repair iPhone 8 plus

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How to Remove the iPhone 8 Plus Back Glass Cover.

This is a tutorial video on how to remove and replace the back glass cover on your iPhone A1864.

Its the same procedure and same glass back cover used for all carrier models:
iPhone 8 ( modelos A1863 y A1905
iPhone 8 Plus (modelos A1864 y A1897)
iPhone X (modelos A1865 y A1901)

Thank you for watching.


Pepsolman says:

Can you replace it with a wood backing?

Hard Reset King says:

My goodness.

Qveen. Kayy20 says:

Oddly satisfying….

Cüneyt Akyüz says:

Hi, I watched from your video and changed the rear window of my own phone. The phone does not charge. But the headset is working. Why do you think that?

EL TACO Pineda says:

Man I only cracked the corner of the back of my iPhone 8 Plus and Almost all of the back isn’t cracked just the bottom right and i just wanna remove as one whole piece 🤦🏻‍♂️

Badrah Badrah says:

Its false ha ha camera????!!!!!

TUPÃ ÑANDEYARA Sentido Comun says:

Disculpa ¿donde has conseguido las pinzas o como se llaman ?

juan felipe casataño orozco says:

La tapa no era como del. Mismo color

Dave Bujold says:

F**k this, im paying someone…

Victoria says:

Did she just stick 3 guitar picks all in the phone at once😂😂😂

Javi Ram says:

Dude you suck!!!

Dinar Fitasari says:

Haraga back door iphone 8 berpa!

Samsung Galaxy S7 says:

Why did Apple make it "irreparable"? It was easy in the 4 and 4s days. And water resistant is no excuse, my S7 is also water resistant and guess what? It's totally repairable if I ever break the back glass, costing about 40 USD to be done by Samsung repair Center (yup, IP68 intact). So, the back glass costs more than the front one in a iPhone 8 or X. Nice

Kyle Marcum says:

I wouldn't do this for any customer for any amount of money.

This is simply ridiculous.

Hasan Hasanov says:

I’ve tried this video repair and it did work, thanks. But it took around 1-1,5 hour for my first attempt. Very delicate and hard process. Still looking for easier way if possible.

Noah Rodriguez says:

that iphone is fake lmao

ViPhone Kings says:

Great Video On iPhone Repair. It's nice to see a good POV to further my knowledge

Rahul Dabra says:

full body kash order kary

Cesar nuñez says:

So… I'm just guessing… Why on earth would you record that?
Not only that but also put it in a 15 min video?

vsubhuti says:

Thanks for the video on repair. Does the wireless charging work and does the camera work?

Goth Pop TV says:

11:42 TROLL-A-THON! Dude didn't show how to remove the camera bezel! He probably broke it.

Mehmet Arslan says:

Yapacagınız videoya sokayım işsiz pezevenk camı değiştirmek içinnuğraşacagın zamana komple değiltirseydin bide video çekmiş mal

Jason Gallego says:

Hello I try to change the rear window of an iphone 8 plus but the hole in the window does not go around the camera back while you pass. I do not understan

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