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Attempting Repairs on a 10-Year-Old PC…

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Attempting Repairs on a 10-Year-Old PC…
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My father-in-law reported some issues with his PC, which used to be my wife’s PC. Can it be repaired or is it time for an upgrade?

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jb888888888 says:

Just put Linux Mint on it, it'll be fine.

Elektrokinesis says:

windows 10 needs nx bit support, also check those PSU voltages

Vlad Petcuci says:

I have the same problem with the windows install on a new PC. Everything is new except for the cpu, a i5 6600k. I can get in bios, see the cpu, temps in bios look good( asus maximus viii gene mb). cleared cmos, disconnected everything except for cpu and 1 stick of ram and nothing works. Both windows 10 and 7. updated drivers, did all the troubleshooting I could think of. used 2 different usb drives to install windows, swaped the ram slots. anyone that can help pls?

Joe says:

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Fergus Young says:

Is it just me that really misses movie maker in a pinch

Quinn Charner-Laird says:

not that this is the only problem with this video, but in a case that small, I definitely would have just bit the bullet and bought a modular PSU because goddamn that would increase airflow in the case.

GO Webs says:

Just like jays2cents you are clueless on how to repair a PC. Even a new PC can have the same problem. The problem with that PC is probably the ram. All you should have done is taken out the ram and tested to see Wich stick is faulty.

Lord Ba'al says:

Built a new system, but kept an old PSU?
On a core 2 duo, that Windows logo will be like that for like a half hour.

zack barron says:

i had the same tower, same sad bronze color

Gabriel Paiva says:

still nice upgrade

Gabriel Paiva says:

it probably just had bad ram….

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