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Hello everyone!

Well look at the beast of a computer that you have brought in…..lets get this thing cleaned up!

This video contains a large variety of sounds and visuals including but not limited to tapping, scratching, brushing, hand movements, soft talk, etc. Enjoy!





Ephemeral Rift says:

Excellent Lloyd! Do you do house calls ? Heheh 

IanHTX says:

” Ah yes, here is the problem.. Your computer is still running 95!”

jq747 says:

Pay attention, kids.. back in the good old days, a PC really needed all
those cards to work. And they were the old super-tight ISA connectors.. or
if you were really brave, the humungous board-snapping VLB connectors.
These days, everything is on the mobo, and the only thing you might plug in
is a graphics card.. even then you’re only dealing with a woosy PCIe
connector. And don’t get me started on those huge disk-wrecking IDE plugs..

Starscream says:

Teach customer how to do it themselves?
Now that’s some very bad business if I’ve ever seen it.

JacobWhoDrawsComix says:

Lloyd, I have to say I’ve been really enjoying your ASMR as of late. I
listen to ASMR videos while I work (helps me focus without having to flip
through music constantly). Your role-plays have been a nice change from the
reused themes out there. Also your channel sticks with what ASMR videos are
really about. Kind of annoyed of how many ASMR artists think only tongue
clicking and wet lips that whisper nonsense make “great” ASMR.

Keep up the great work!


As always adjust your volume to a comfortable level for some sounds may be
loud and or sudden!

Bufty Fufties says:

That is so weird, it looks like an ASMR vid made from the 90s. And I dig
it! :)

Fustuv Killer says:

Omg this is exactly what i wished for i love computers and i love working
with them thanks so much LLoyd ur da best

Brax Attacks says:

I honestly can’t tell if it helps the ASMR experience or not that all your
characters are called Lloyd.


Mohamed El Amine EL ATIAOUI says:

Great video sir. 

Richard Dingo says:


iamextremest says:

What kind of cam are you using? Just wondering if all your videos are meant
to look like you’re in the 80’s or not? Character and view in general. 

Andy Hill says:

Great – my weekly Lloyd fix

AarieaaronFTW says:

Even though I love the oldschool feel of the camera, it doesn’t quite work
well with something that has a lot of detail, like a circuit board. Maybe
when you get a new camera you could still keep this one and make old timey
videos with older stuff, like antiques with it.

Linda G says:

Different and very good!

doughdreads says:

Wow! A hardcard?? haha Only 127mb… it’s amazing how far technology has
come since the early 90’s. One of my favorite videos!

SharperAdam says:

I am sick as a dog with a cold right now and I’m so glad I saw this video.
It’s been really hard for me to just relax and take it easy because life
happens. I am hoping to get a good nights rest tonight thanks to this video
so I can be nice and healed tomorrow! Thank you so much, brother! 

Ryan Clark says:

brother, your asmr videos are among the best , I am addicted to your
channel. Keep pumping out these amazing videos!!

wobble iDZ says:

Its-a meeee, MARIOOOOO

RichyWorld87 says:

Well done, new subscriber

ayy lmao says:

You need a new camera, one that records in 1080p so we can see all the fine
details :D

Brutus The Introvert says:

Got to love working with legacy hardware. Awesome video :D

purttygirl82 says:

Another gem!

Jared Jeffery says:

Lloyd is the man! Straight OG

icekoold69 says:

New idea: sample bar like at costco or store and ur describing the

lemonpartyhellyeah says:

this looks like it was made in 1996

Alexis Kraus says:

I feel like this was filmed in the 1990’s, lol!

PlaylistChanal says:

i really lie the oldschool look pls never buy a new camera for the videos

Danny Mars says:


Hudson Raser says:

You’re so likes able and you seem like the nicest guy in the world. And
your fashion sense is

Austin L says:

As much as I love your Asmr videos if you find any free time in your I’m
sure very busy schedule could you make another video where it’s like the
person goes missing and your the cop and you end being the bad guy type of
video? I found it very entertaining and it was also relaxing at times when
you spoke. If not I understand but keep making Asmr videos. Please don’t
stop! haha

Bradysinging says:

This literally looks like it was filmed in 1994, camera makes it have a
older look like that computer fits looking like it’s not old at all, which
I like by the way. Haha

andrethaman says:

really good video!!! and i love the old school quality!!!

P7Hook says:

the hell of a power supply LOL

shant says:

what microphone do you use?

silentpoet1988 says:

Ribbon cables ribbon cables everywhere!!! 

Andy Hill says:

It’s a good acting technique – I like the bit where you are asking for a
form of payment, I think you really see a person in front of you.

Hallyug says:

Perfectly timed upload for all of us on GMT going to bed! This video will
put me to sleep… in a good way! :)

ASMR GUY says:

That moustache gives me cancer

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