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Apple iOS update BRICKS repaired iPhones after screen repair!

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Louis Rossmann says:

In 2009, I could kinda get it. In 2015, it was difficult to understand it. In 2018, no. Friends don't let friends buy Apple products.

Tärpätti Tuopponen says:

Things aren’t black and white. Apple’s policy is close to mafia. I acknowledge it, but still I buy their products. Why? Because their ecosystem JUST WORKS FLAWLESSLY from device to device. As an entrepreneur these are tools for me and time is money. I use Windows as well and as a standalone pc it works fine but the integration is clumbsy.

You can have all your gear Apple without being a fanboy. They are the most greedy company but still make great products.

miku1723 says:

Microsoft had something similar with its Lumia line up. I changed the screen on mine and the repair guides were very strict about getting an original and not a knock off. Otherwise when you return to factory settings it wont boot up anymore.

killzone12 says:

Another reason why apple is a terrible company

Hecatom says:

And this is why i.never buy apple overpriced products

GsTSaien says:

its greed, simple as that, it has been greed all this time, its even worse with their macbooks honestly

Alandilo says:

im pretty sure these changes are done on a even broader scope it started by welding the SSD and RAM onto the MOBO, and im sure they are aiming to eleminate the Hackintoshers, by tying the hardware to the operating system funktions, ( for the security funktions it makes total sense to have a hardware tie, its probably not possible any other way >> Face ID & Touchbutton) I love OS X and its funktionality but ethically Apple went to the direktion of when u purchase: welcome to hardware-cyberslavery 🙂

Richard Blanton says:

How do third party repair companies survive with all of the risk involved with doing a repair and taking a chance on bricking someone’s $1000 dollar phone?

pro fes says:


Thomas Glynn says:

Apple & their cult is EVIL

F!@#Guilt says:

Apple says: buying our products allows you the privilege of using the product. You do not own the product. You may have the privilege of use it. That is all.

Sonikbytes says:

apple is turning to next micro$oft

Λυκουργος Σαραβανος says:

Take a mac and rewire something andddd its a pc.

WillOfTheWeb says:

Bought a Samsung S9 last week instead of the iPhone x mainly because of the spitefulness of Apple. It's truly disgusting behavior by a major company like this.

Connor Hayes says:


We all know the answer to that….buy a new phone (from apple of course) srub, it's only $800.

Or just ditch apple, the better way to go.

Blu PenDragon says:

i have done a few iphone screen home repairs (not in a while, 5C and older) and they went great. i cant imagine a company that says "oh… you dont have an official screen/home button f**k you your phone is broken pay us $$$ for a new one" that is the stupidest thing EVER, i like to feel secure in my devices that i could swap parts out as need and it continue to work, thats why i will forever more stay with an android .

Padraic McDonnell says:

I thought Apple released updates to support 3rd party touchscreens?

Eduardo Silva says:

Louis, thanks a lot for this eye-opening information. Myself, I'm just starting my own cellphone repair business and since you're so good on all the legal stuff, I'm wondering if you could share some type of terms and conditions document that I can use as a template for my clients. I'm specially interested in the disclaimers about the limited functionality of the phones due to the manufacturer's restrictions, and future OS updates that could make the device totally useless. I really appreciate your help

Tyler Kegger says:

Your Apple devices are not yours when you buy them, you’re just forever borrowing them, because they can decide when to shut you down from doing things to their devices then having you to buy a new one from that practice.

Justin Hansen says:

I think we all knew Tim Cook was going to fuck up Apple when he became in charge.

jude harry says:

I changed my iPhone 6 s plus,. Screen from a third party supplier and my auto brightness (ambient light sensor) is no more working again. It was working in on my former screen, I am running iOS 11.3.1. now Please tell me what is wrong

yam yam dash cam says:

apple can kiss my android ass … lol

Chris Ryan says:

What products do you recommend? I bought an iPhone off of a friend because I had an old LGStylo. What brands would I get the most for my buck with?

Stardrinkerx says:

I think part of Apple's issue with not repairing bent phones is they cant guarantee the quality of work, spurious as that may be. Seems spiteful but ultimately they may have run a few risk studies on it and found it to be too costly versus making a few customers unhappy.

Computers repair Cote Saint-Luc says:

you shocked me. thx for sharing

KM4WOR says:

I feel like I need to blink my eyes more.

Anthony Griffin says:

I swore off Apple products when the stop making replacement power supplies for my Imac and left me with a brick.

SolidSnake says:

I buy the phone, I should be able to mod the screen, casing or whatever the fuck I want. Shady shit apple. Buys a car, needs a new windscreen, wont let you start the engine with same but knockofc version. Its the same thing, nope not made by Chevy sorry. Should be illegal.

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