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Another iPhone 7 No Power Repair (and SHIRTS!)

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Mr.RandomTechIdeas says:

fro now and then, im your solid followers because you are the best mobile technician youtuber ever than other. keep it up the good work

Jerry B says:

Jason, where are you getting the board files to view in pads? I like the detail and completeness of the examples you showed in one of your recent posts. Good work thanks and enjoy your new west coast (Florida) residences!

John S says:

Reassembling iphone completely before testing is a good way for your children to learn new words!!

Mohan Krishna says:

He was fucked up. Don't heat cpus.cpus are not the problem their bga and the surrounding capacitors. Due to this guy people in university burning MacBook cpus.fuck this dude

Crazyboombay Blahblahblah says:

Nice shirt bro😁😁

Murtada Rasim says:

Great job sir, thanks again and always

nwaobum Emmanuel says:

Hello Sir,i have been watching videos you upload on youtube on how you fix phones. I really have a passion in becoming a good technician like yourself. Please i really want to learn how to fix phones. I really need your help.

diX says:

Hi, what usb meter are you using ?

Danish mobile says:

hi bro i need your mobile number with country code my whtapp number +923016891914

Repairing Mobile Smartphone Indonesian says:

send clothes to Indonesia

FixDaily - Electronic repairs, hacks and tips says:

Anyone could tell me what's the difference between VDD main and boost?

Asrar Hassan says:

6 amps??? damn, that was ballsy of you. Another good video, keep it up.
Re-Hot CPU and send it to iPad Rehab, lol that was hilarious.

Faheem Arshad says:

hi, great video always learn a lot from use
what temperature/air speed do you normally use when removing compacter or an ic thanks.
btw: i just fixed a phone after watching your video thanks.

janet williams says:

when i flash a light on my iphone 6s i can see the screen but with no light i cant see it

Sterling Babcock says:

I enjoyed watching that!

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