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Android Root 101 – How to Fix Android Smartphone with Bootloop/Brick!

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Here’s some explanation into what a bootloop, soft brick, and hard brick are for Android smartphones.

And also a general guide on how to fix bootloops and bricks for popular HTC and Samsung Android smartphones.

The most unbrickable Android devices?
Nexus One, Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S2, Galaxy Note, any Samsung devices except Epic 4G Touch.

The most locked down Android devices?
Motorola, I love their hardware but the way Moto lock their devices down is the worst of them all.
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Joao Pires says:

hi, can you please help me. I accidently drooped my note 2 on water and the
first thing I did was try to shut it down but it suddenly started on a
restart loop . I tried it only once again and the moment i put the battery
in , without even pressing the power button it started looping the part
where appears the phone model at start up. I read some stuff and i already
placed the phone and battery in a container with rice to dry it up. Does it
really help , or can i do something else ? and btw, seeing that at least it
starts and there is no problem with the image does that mean i can hope it
can be fixed and there is no permanent damage? plz reply as soon as
possible . thank you. 

Juan Ramirez says:

Please help me I’m scared. My galaxy s4 sgh-m919 T-Mobile galaxy s4 is
stuck in T-Mobile boot screen after I installed stock 4.4.2 firmware on it
because I had accidently erased stock is. Can you please fix it for me. I
will pay you and sent to or at least tell me how to fix. Reply and I will
send you my email. Please help a brother out. Thank you

KoreanJoker rekoJnaeroK says:

I think I’m one of the 1/100 people where I’m stuck in a boot loop that
where your options don’t work. Wiped dalvik cache and cache partitions and
just cache, and it didn’t work. Hard reset isn’t an option as I try to
format the device and it wouldn’t work and it’d crash. I have a SGH-t989
galaxy s 2 from t-mobile. Ummmm, tried installing an update from sd card
with a stock rom and that didn’t work. I formatted data and everything in
CWM-recovery. Everything I do and it still stays in this boot loop. I don’t
know what to do because I’m still 14 and I don’t know what to do much. I
rooted my phone, got rid of bloatware, and just left it at that basically.

Zaki Jamalullail says:

can anyone solve this? i install anim mod root on 4.2.1 and when i restart
my phone, my phone just do the animation again and again. Im not using
custom recovery.n i want to flash with stock rom but it dectect on my pc
but it does say malfunction on my pc. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP thanks :)

TrunkBangaz says:

Hello, Great Vid. I have a very serious issue with a galaxy s2 sprint
version. Could you maybe give me a email address i could use to contact you
cause i have a very unique problem with it. This is whats going on. i tried
to use Odin to update to a custom rom and it failed. Now i have the
FIRMWARE UPGRADE ENCOUNTERED AN ISSUE with the yellow triangle with the
phone and PC monitor icons. But here is the thing. It will no longer be
detected by the PC anymore. after that failed update with Odin, it no
longer connected to the PC. No signs of the PC detecting. i never dropped
it or damaged it at all so that how i know its a software issue. But if i
cant get it to be recognized by the PC, i cant fix the problem at all. have
you heard of this before and if so, do you have any fix for this? email me

AnythingGamer says:

Help I have a samsung galaxy s4 i9500. I installed cwm then backuped my rom
then flashed cm 11 nightly then restored the stock rom cuz I like it better
but what happens is boot loop and I tried wiping cache data dalvik cache so
I just flashed cm 11 again so its usable.

Brandy Cook says:

help my dell venue 7 is stuck in boot loop and when i putt it in recovery
it still is stuck

Mateo Arce says:

I have a LG optimus L90 should i root JUST for free in app purchases using
freedom, thats the main and only reason why I want to Root it, should I? 

zenitram102 says:

Help. im stuck in a loop. at&t gs3 4.3, I accidentally erased my O.S. and
stuck in a boot loop. The odin program always fails. What can I do?

Anthony Whyte says:

my note 3 is stuck…I have no clue on what’s going on. I’ve tried
EVERYTHING, it works in terms of coming on, but it doesn’t get passed a
certain point. This all started when I tried to update my Custom firmware
via a patch, Xnote, and I used mobile odin on my phone, ever since I tried
to use that patch, phone doesn’t go past the logo. And My computer won’t
read my phone files, so I can’t even install anything on my External SD

TheDrawer Artis says:

i think i have hard bricked my phone i was about to do a Cf auto root but i
used the wrong version and after the root process and when i started the
phone i saw blue flashing screen and my phone was going nuts…

i have now re installed new system after the blue screen . and my touch
function is not working my touch does not answer me when i touch my phone .

my power buttom, sound buttom and all that stuff works fine and i can see
the start screen but i cannot use the touch … PLEASE HELP

james reforzado says:

i have s3 GT-i9305 BOOT Brick problem…

really need hehlp… :)

WarTech Gaming says:

help i’m in a boot loop,but i do not have clockwork mod,because my phone is
not rooted,i tryed to root it,but it didnt work and now i’m stuck

Samuel Baker says:

I have android zte 2992 i had all my programs back up with titanium. i
never found cwm that worked for it. made a huge mistake and used flashify
app to flash a rom. now im stuck in boot loop, wiping cache and factory
reset does nothing for me.

maplestory15413 says:

my galaxy nexus is stuck in boot loop, I’ve tried your suggested things.
I’m pretty stuck here. I also tried other websites and followed their
directions. But every time, it’s just stuck in boot.

daniel shodunola says:

can you please try to fix a boot loop on samsung galaxy tab 2 its just
stuck on the samsung logo please try and help and if you can, can you try
to make a video for that thank you

Tarik Mulahusic says:

Can you help me my alcatel one touch pop c5 has a boot loop and if I want
to go into recovery mode does not work the or in the download mode please
help me quickly thanks

Hamse Ali says:

Hi my phone wont go into recovery mode. Everytime i go to recovery i end up
in download mode please help me my phone is a boot loop my phone is a s3
please if you have some advise help me

Little Haggs says:

i cant even boot into recovery

Jamal Harvey says:

very informative for rooting beginners 

Barinder preet says:

I have miromax canvas a200 i donot have any custom recovery i am stuck in
boot loop and unable to fix it. My phone battery is nonremoval i even can
not go to recovery mode
Please help me.!!

angel deloro says:

I believe the only thing I can do is to wait for the battery to die

James King says:

hi i flashed the wrong rom to my phone now when i power it on the power
light shows but nothing is on the screen

ghetto d'bone crusher says:

hello and good day to you sir, how can i fix my note1 n7000 i did the wipe
cache and other staff u said but still it doesn’t. it all started when i
re-install the custom rom. then after i finish the installation when i
reboot it will be in the ~samsung galaxy note n7000 logo. pls help me.

Albert Torres says:

i have a lenovo a516 os 4.2

when turned on its stuck in the logo only, i already try to hard reset
it(power+vol.up) but it get stuck when i choose reset factory…

can you help me please…

Leni Hebilt says:

Zedoax please help, i was trying to increase my htc explorer internal
memory, i did this one method that includes pasting a file on etc initd on
root explorer then after i rebooted im stuck on a bootloop and i dont have
backups:/. How do i fix it without losing cyanogen 10.2?

Siddhant Mandal says:

i am using a lg nexus 5. Everything worked until this problem occurs.
Sometimes it powers off itself and can not be turned on. It will take
minutes with multiple trying to make it on. When charging, it just
contentiously reboot itself. i somehow managed to restart it after several
times restarting and factory reset my device. it too 40 mins to erase the
data and still seems to be freezed and its still stuck at that process.
even if i try to bootloader, its getting restarted 10-15 times and the
erasing process is resumes without any progress.

Sidhant malik says:

can u suggest me anything 

David Kababyan says:

I have goophone s5 8 core version. i tried to install miui. its stuck in
boot loop. I go to boot screen. i can choose recovery, fast or normal boot.
volume + to move up in list and volume – to choose an option. when i press
(volume -) to select any of 3 options, nothing happens. my buttons work
fine. any other way to get into recovery?

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