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An up-to-date iPhone 6 Plus Touch IC Repair – Comments on metal shield and underfill

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**UPDATE** True Fix now implemented on every 6+. Return/recurrence rate is nearly 0%


Everything below this line pertaining to returns is old news:)

We are still seeing an overwhelming number of iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6 touch IC failures. In this video you see a fairly strait forward touch IC repair without any post repair complications to deal with. One of these days I will get to do a video on one where I spend hours after the repair tracking down some gremlin before it can be sent back to the customer.

My main purpose for recording this video was to talk about the repair in general and about the defect/return rate. Although I am largely successful at this repair without many returns, sometimes they do come back. I get asked what I do to prevent this from happening again in the future multiple times per day and every time it turns into a 15 minute conversation. Everyone wants to know if I am soldering metal shields on these or applying underfill. In order for me to not sound like an idiot, it has to be explained carefully.

I have tried many aftermarket mods to prevent this from resurfacing but at the end of the day, the phones that are going to come back are going to come back. Sometimes it’s a defective chip or an installation mistake so I typically have the customer send it back one time for warranty work. After that, if it resurfaces again, we refund their money.

Apple themselves must have seen cases of this directly off of the assembly line and sent them back around for rework.

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Benjamin Hong says:

Lol did you notice the electrical tape stuck right above the touch ic chip? there's some video claiming to fix problems by applying pressure to the chip

Nadia Tejada says:

do you have a business? ?

Hafizul Izwan says:

what flux did u used?

Waleed Rishmawi says:

iPhone 5 when I try to power it on, apple logo comes on then off. And it keeps doing that and phone does not boot

Mayur kakadiya says:

which tampretur do you use in gun for desoldring?

Nick Sekulovski says:

The only thing that is keeping me from doing this is that i do not have a heat gun. can i get away with not having a fancy one like you? Is it absolutely impossible to remove the chip w/o heat? to be honest I'm due for a new phone but really would like to fix the phone i have now.

Dafir Mahmood says:

good job its so clear i loved it

salemx888 says:

thank you STS Telecom

Adrian Levy says:

How much do you charge to fix this and how long does it take?

ScoopOf3D says:

Front camera issue. It started working for me when I resolder R0709 (FCAM_CLK).

Mohammed Alhammami says:

which use you past

P Prid says:

I have a question about the adhesive shield you took of the bottom of the board at 7:00. I took that off of a 6s to clean for water damage, and that shield cannot be reused. What can I use to replace it or is it necessary? Thank you

Douglas Anderson says:

can u fix my iPhone 6 plus

Stratf01 Fender says:

Hi Jason. Highly informative video thank you. If you don't mind I'd like to ask about how quickly you remove these chips. Am I correct in assuming you want to use higher heat to remove these chips asap before it starts affecting other components too much? looks like you using a bigger nozzle than I'm used to. What size is it? Be so grateful for your valued advice.

Anton Meden says:

I am really like watching your video, good like always! Greate repair.

Manga Bhogal says:

hi r u from ? can prowide me ur phone number if u want u can text me on that number 780-932-4009

hafid touhafi says:

HI Jason thank you for the vedio I replaced touch screen ic then the phone just turned on just light with no image what it could be ?

A.S.J מעבדה לסלולר. says:

Hey good job !!! Which hot air gun do you have ?

Matthew Paisley says:

I need this done to my phone. Haven't found anyone in my area to do it yet though.

Alex Z says:

Thank you ! Great video brother !

Roy r says:

how much to replace the LCD and Digitizer connector on the board of an iPhone 6 and also a baseband reflow?


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