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Acer laptop not starting black screen repair

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In this video this acer laptop does not power on correctly. Troubleshooting revealed a bad motherboard battery. I show you how to disassemble this model and replace the battery. Visit my site for extra info.


alwaysafix says:

@Vincent SJ If your Acer model laptop has an inverter, then you need to
replace it. Good luck!

Mysttic Evie says:

Hi +alwaysafix, i have a similar problem with my Acer aspire 7220 Model NO.
ICY70 ( turning it on results in black screen and power button flashing
off/on 4 seconds period repeating, i cant really tell what type of CMOS
battery does it have .. it appers to be bonded to the motherboard in 2
connections so that means if i change it i need to use the soldering iron
to put the connections back. What i can really tell it appers that it has
been changed/repaired once because i can see someone from a laptop service
worked in that zone. Help me with an advice please and thanks in advance!

xblvnk says:

I have acer aspire 5334, when i press the power button, the screen is just
black but the power button has a light. What’s wrong with it? Help me pls

Darren Ong says:

Hi, I have a laptop that also shows a black screen when powers up. The fan
is going, power button is on, but the screen doesn’t show anything. I have
to force shut down my laptop a few times and only then will it power up
normally… Hopefully you are able to give me some solutions that might
help with my condition. Thanks!

GamingForLife DK says:

hey i have a problem whit my acer extensa 5420i when i push the start
button it starts turn of then start again and turn off complete how do i
fix that?

NOKLifeguardsCorfu says:

I still have the same problem on an Acer 5552. Operates but black screen.

The 1st time what I did, was to flash the BIOS with the Fn + ESC and a USB
with the new bios from Acer. Everything came back to life after 4-5 tries.

But a month later the problem showed up again after the lapton was sitting
for a week non operating.
I installed a new bios battery thinking that I havent changed the old one.
Flashed many times till achieving a restart and live the Pc again. This
time I couldnt do it with a USB so I used a DVD with the new rom from Acer.
Fn+ESC again.

After that I tested 2-3 times to boot. Everything ok.
I placed the Big Battery and let it charge. Next moring tryed to boot same
problem again. Black screen of death.

I try to flash again and no result for 2-3 hours. I will continue
trying….. But now I have made these thoughts…

1) Since the big battery is really old I am starting to think that maybe
this is the cause of Bios corruption.
2) Maybe it is not the BIOS. I have checked the 2 memories (2GB and 1gb) .
But nothing to do. I will check them more with a memory test program when I
am able to boot again.
3) The graphics card wont be the problem since I managed to reboot 2 times
after the screen of death. A dead graphics card is dead….U cant boot and
4) I have heard that when a USB is short-circuit can cause this problem
too. But even that cant be the case since I have booted 2 times allready. A
short cicuit is permanent.
5) Since my desktop can corrupt a bios when the power button stucks on boot
I am also thinkg of a not good power button on the Acer. I even think it
more since the 2 times I managed to reboot I did it in a bit a strange way.
That is I pressed the button to boot – released short and pressed
again….Otherwise no succeded boot.

Anyway strange story. Have any thougts to add? Thanks

Alberto Tapiador says:

Thank you very much friend, worked perfect. For those who serve him for
help, for acer 6920 had a dark screen problem and automated random reboots,
after changing the bios, thermal paste, try starting as a failure, format
to factory, just wanted to throw it out the window. Thanks to alwaysafix I
have not lost my computer or my money in for service. Thank you friend.
Changing only 3.0 v battery has returned to normal life !!!!!

R Lap says:

Mine is an ACER E1-571 and was lightly dropped (I was told) no external
damage whatsoever.
The power indicators (button and front) come on for approx 5 seconds then
off. NOTHING on the screen. HD spins but likely bad as I connected it to a
usb. I have re-seat the DDR. Remove Batt. & Cord 1 min reset 😉 Look like
I’ll have to open it?

smooshman12345 says:

I have an acer apsire 4741 and it stays on but no screen response.. (only
power lights and fan)

damionrowe35 says:

I have a Acer aspire one d255 laptop. It freezes on the Microsoft
corporation screen. How can I fix this?

R Lap says:

thank’s keep up the good work
I will try that!

Paullyn Pacio says:

Hi,, my acer aspire one netbook screen was changed and I didn’t know if it
was just dead screen or lcd and we changed it to a new one, but when I
power it up, it will shut down in 3 sec., is their any problem in the

PokemonTrainer170591 says:

hey i have an acer i click power button black screen but a orange light
appear at the bottom of my keyboard near the mousepad i need help :(

soufiane soufiane says:

Thank you Boss for helping God bless you 

alwaysafix says:

@Christian Barreiro do you get a picture if you connect to an external

Ozge Suzen says:

Hey , nice to see somebody is up to this situation!
I have acer 5552g with same problem when i power on , only power light
blinks no hdd nor wireless blinks.
My cmos battery is not replaceable like yours , its together with
mainboard. If i see service to replace it will it work for me too?

Thanks for support

Mahfuz Rahman says:

Hi when I start my laptop acer 5736Z it said failure configuring windows
update,,reverting changes
Do not turn off computer.
What should I do.

DemonMonkey112 says:

I have a acer aspire e1-571 and it just wont boot up or give an indication
that itbis charging.. The problem started when I was using it and a message
popped up saying that battery was below 7% I immediately put it for
charging and after 5 seconds it turned off and wont start.. Please help!

Johnny D says:

Thanks a lot for your video!
But, how could you know it was a battery issue??

CerealKiller says:

same thing happened to me last year, shitty acer laptops

YourAverageRobloxianYouTuber says:

Hello, I had this laptop I’ve ignored for long enough. So, there I has,
playing gothic 3 calmly, when the screen flashed black and normal
repeatedly ,5 minutes later, it’s completely black, I the attempt to turn
it back on, but it’s just black. Help?

Von Briones says:

Sir i have acer 5734z and it is black screen. When i turned on the power
button it has light but thr screen is black (nothing happens) i also tried
the external monitor using vga cable but the result is actualy the same.
Please comment back. Thanks in advance

Diego García Luppi says:

Which type of battery is it the one of the mother board??

Purushu Thaman says:

Very good scene

Rafael pizarro rodriguez says:

averia típica de risa,pero cierto

fesluchie says:

Hi, i have probelm with Acer TravelMate 5520. When click power button is
black screen, power button blinking, fan of CPU doing. This happens two
times and then shut down. I tried with hard reset…

anyone know what could be wrong?

TimSDobson says:

under keyboard there are two pins. if the keyboard comes lose or is not set
properly, it wont make contact or post boot. i took my system apart.
checked the voltage on cmos seen it was fine, but when i put it all back i
noticed these switches. i cleaned them and now all is good once i clipped
the keyboard back in

ugur sokmen says:

thanks for your video.
I have an acer aspire 4551 with the black screen problem.I downloaded Bios
from website .but I dont know how can use this bios file to my note
book..Can you tell me about this please.

Hamid Beegees says:

Thanks… it’s work

aliff mustaqim says:

Hello +alwaysafix, my prob with my Acer Aspire 4315 is that after the ACER
screen appeared then messages like this showed up:

PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable.
PXE-M0F: Exiting PXE ROM.
OS Not Found.

I googled, found and try some of the solutions but they did not solve it.
The messages like above keep showed up when i reboot my laptop. can i solve
my prob using the way you use in this video? Hope you can help me.

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