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Acer laptop 4749z shorted, step by step to fix

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This video need basic knowledge of electronics. If in doubt please ask me at comment area.
Free tutorial how to fix the acer laptop 4749Z that won’t turn on, no any indicators light up, shorted, short circuit to the ground.
Step by step to find broken component of shorted motherboard of the acer laptop and any other laptop brands.
The trouble source of the shorted laptop not always same as the component on this video, but this is one way to find the component that make the laptop shorted.


Muhaa Haloa says:

Humm no explanation and use tinfoil instead of proper tape 🙂 that was a mosfet he
removed, But job well done guys its basic follow the power rails. 19V, 3V, 5V Rails
some mother boards might use one mosfet for multiple voltages so its not as
easy as it looks..But this would be alot better with explanation

John Helm says:

That multi meter looks like it came from pound world 😂

Athif Khan says:

It would have been great if you could have showed us the Re-assembling part as well

Shafiq Shafiq says:

Terbaik bossku

Tharindu Jayakody says:

i need a quick reply

Tharindu Jayakody says:

cant i fix this without replacing the mosfet

Peter Wang says:

Very good presentation. Thanks for sharing. This video is for the most advanced technician who can work without a schematic.

Abdul Gafur says:

Adaptor charger saya rusak mas, saya hidupkan dengan charger yg berbeda supplynya, untuk laptop acer 4739, apakah ada pengaruh kerusakan pada komponen mosfet mas?

Houssem Koubaa says:

What the reference of the ic .
Where can I finding components of laptops and the datasheets .

Apurba modak says:

Koyi mera laptop ka is problem ka solution batao sir?

Apurba modak says:

Mere laptop(Lenovo 3000 G430) power button Kam nehi karta (12pin connector) power button kharab honese ho sakta hai aur Kiya laptop short honese bhi hosakta hai Kiya? Lekin connecter short karke laptop on ho Raha hai. Aur ek bat main jab laptop on karta hu tab 1 munite Tak ek dhimi bip bip jaisa(siti ki tharha do tin bar) abaz motherboard see ate hai. Jahape hardisk processor etc hota hai aur jab power off hota hai tab charger Lagane se ek jor se fukh dene jaisa Awaz hota hai bord me, windows install bhi nehi leta to Kiya karu sir batana aur is sari problem ko thik Karne me kitna rupia lagega? Sir is video ko dekhlijiye samaj me a jayega, sirf 30 second ka video) https://youtu.be/emDe64V8AMc

Trio Soft says:

a rusty nail and an unconscious hand

Robert Fowler says:

Should always discharge gate on mosfet by shorting source and gate with finger or tweezers before checking mosfet, N channel mosfets will turn on with just a static charge , touching positive multimeter lead in diode mode on gate will make mosfet conduct in both directions. false short etc.

leslie gacusan says:

i used multimeter without beeps features. how would i know if it is shorted sir?

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