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Acer Aspire Laptop Repair Fix Disassembly Tutorial | Notebook Take Apart, Remove & Install

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http://www.LaptopInventory.com – Acer Aspire Laptop Disassembly and Repair Fix Tutorial. Take Apart Acer Aspire Notebook Laptop Parts Battery, CMOS, LCD Bezels, DC Jack, Caddies and Brackets, CD DVD Drive, Hard Drive, Laptop Fan, LCD Hinges, Keyboard, LCD Flex Cable, LCD Inverter Board, LCD Screen, Memory, RAM, Motherboard System Board, Processor CPU, Laptop Screw, Wireless Antenna, Wifi Card. This tutorial is compatible with the following laptops: 5738Z, 5810, 5536, 5800, 5738, 7736z-4088, 7736z, 5538, 5736, 5810T, 7736, 7738, 5538G, 5542, 5542G, 5236, 5242, 5410, AS5536, AS5536G, AS5538, AS5538G, 5739, 5739G, 5740, 5740DG, 5740G, 7535, 7535G, AS5735, AS5735Z, AS8730, AS8730G, AS8730ZG, 7735z-4033, 7735z, 7735, 7738G, 7740G, 7740, 5810PG, 8935G, 8940G, 5738G, 5738ZG, 5536G, 7540, 7540G, 5338, 5340, 5810tz, 5741, 5741G, 5742ZG, 5742, AS5742Z-4685, AS5742Z-4601, 5745, AS5745, 5745G, 5745Z, AS5745G, AS7736Z, 5742G, 7535-5020, 4741, 7741, 4741Z, 5741Z, 7741Z, 4741G, 7741G, ms2306, MS2279, 5742Z, AS5542, AS5542G, AS5738, AS5738DG, AS5738DZG, AS5738G, AS5738PG, AS5738PZG, AS5738ZG, AS5739, AS5739G, AS5740, AS5740DG, AS5740G, AS5741, AS5741G, AS5810T, AS5810TG, AS5810TZ, AS5810TZG, AS7535, AS7535G, AS7735G, AS7735Z, AS7735ZG, AS7736, AS7736G, AS7736ZG, AS7738, AS7738G, AS7740G, 5336, 5552, 5553, 5625, 7551, 7552, 5551G, 5553G, 5625G, 5741ZG, 5745ZG, 5745P, 5745PG, 5820G, 5820T, 5820TG, 5820TZ, 7551G, 7552G, 5252, 7745g, AS7745g, 5742z-4685, 5750, 5750G, MS2277, E440, E640, E730, E732, G640, G730


Zen Zaishi says:

What's 1:48 , for some reason mine is stuck and i can't take it off. (I manage to disamble the laptop though). Anyone?

Basketball Gaming says:

Where's the WiFi adapter and is it possible to take it out and use for a desktop?

josh says:

the best acer has got to be the acer aspire as8950g model i found on a curb side cleanup and just had to replace the keyboard and as added bonus the was water coming out of it and it does work fantastic great machine after dryng of course

Pav L. says:

I've lost that little plastic bit that attaches ribbon of say dvd player to the motherboard. Any way to get a replacement part?

Va Tu says:

Well, yeah I did it…

wait, how can I put them back now?

Mootee Teraoi says:

my laptop tray was stuck and i want to dismantle it but i haven't done it before please help

Nirmallya Addy says:

Hi, These videos shows how to repair the laptop mostly internals. But my Dell XPS 13 9350 has accidentally bent on the corner of the lid. Cam I level that out in any way? Please help. Thank you!!

Polirrubro Lesly says:

Horrible video, sacar el teclado de esa forma sin sacar los tornillos de debajo de la bateria!!!

Jeff Kart says:

Thank you. Another video had me removing all the screws to upgrade the ram!

Planet Earth says:

Terrible indeed, i tried removing the keyboard on the same way and 4 of my keys broke off.


Yuri eu says:

terrible video. removed ram and then the notebook is upside down suddenly.

Андрей Маркин says:

я понимаю, что это тип профи разбирает, но всё-равно он долбоёб, потому что применяет электроотвёртку и пиздец как давит на мат.плату

TheLegoCrafter says:

Said laptop 13 times In the intro

Nigel Dimech says:

My laptop keeps reseting

Hafidz Razman says:

Hiy.. Anyone pls help me . I have an acer aspire 4741z laptop… The HDD of it is no longer working that means i cant enter windows.. So, i want to change the hdd.. I just want to know how much it cost? And what should i do after changing it?

s K says:

Hi the hinge of my Acer on the lid is loose and catching when open or close on bottom part. How can i fix this, i do not know if it might be broken

shockcrest says:

is acer aspire 4530 can run dota 2? please help me. thanks

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