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Abc computer repair scam investigation, unethical pc repair place

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Video of unethical computer repair places.

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TV reporters rigged up a computer failure and sent it off for computer repairs. Some honest technicians were found, and then there were those.


Native722 says:

Just take a computer class or take the A+ Certification an do your own repairs.  

travis whitcher says:


End Wildlife Services'Needless Killing Of Wild Animals says:

These guys charging $100 to "repair" the computer would make great "doctors" ….." that's  not a sore throat, you really do have cancer !…..cheque or credit card for the chemotherapy ?"

"A fool  and his money are easily parted"

FubarMike says:

when did this originally air?  I'm guessing early 2000s since I see both win98 and xp.  Now days no one will pay that much.  They might if it is a laptop but desktops seem to just get tossed out.  People have given me desktops before saying its broken and that they didn't want it anymore since it would cost too much to fix and they already replaced it with a new computer.  I fixed most of them within a day usually without having to buy parts.

The new scam is someone bringing in a computer for repair with something minor and the tech saying something like "yeah its the motherboard it would cost almost as much as a new computer to fix.  but…we can give you a deal on a new one at our store!"  

SlackersIndustry says:

some charge for what they know not for what they do. If some people think it was expensive to pay $100 dlls just to plug in a cable then they should have plugged in the cable themselves.

SUKHOI 35 says:

All people need to do is to open up google. Problem fixed.

Idontmakemanyvideos says:

+kkhmermetro2 "my two finger is way more intelligent than them" /facepalm
From personal experience they are total scam artists that hire immature kids that will go through your stuff.

kkhmermetro2 says:

Greek squad should be call dumb squad or rip squad. my two finger is way more intelligent than them

Louis Rossmann says:

I have a video on this as well. Check my channel, it's called "why technicians lie"

Eduardas Kubilinskas says:

yeah right on. me too I dont see anything bad charging for the service whatever that service is. but unethical is the part where people make up stuff that doesn't exist so they take advantage of situation. to me that shows lack of personal integrity and extreme scarcity thinking. these people don't realize they need to go out and learn marketing or improve their service so people come to them because they are good instead of taking advantage of situation like many car mechanics do.

Louis Rossmann says:

I don't see how $105 is a ripoff. They came to your home. This alone is worth money.

If I was coming to your home, I am charging around $75-$100 minimum. Even if this is to plug a mouse in. I'll be honest about the fact that I am plugging your mouse in. Not going to make up some crap or mislead you. But you'e going to pay for it.

24 minutes to find an unplugged sata cable though.. I've had bad days. I feel bad for the dude. But god damn man. 🙂

Dilan Gilluly says:

Not really dishonest, just extremely quick to condemn hardware.

Patrick Carey says:

"ABC computer repair" is a company that is NOT represented in the video. This video comes up when someone googles "ABC computer repair" and is libel. The company's image looks bad because of deceitful business practices, and this video either needs to be retitled or removed completely.

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