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A+ Computer Repair Course Chapter 2 part 1

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A+ Computer Repair Course chapter 2 part 1 operating system. You will learn about various operating systems used today. Operating systems covered from DOS to Windows 7 and including Linux and MAC OS. You also learn that the OS acts like a middleman between the user and the hardware.


435asif says:

nice and beneficial for students

Al Bennie says:

Sir, have you written a book,,or combined your tutorial into one place,,I
am enjyoing your tutorials a lot..thanks….

Greg French says:

Not yet. I haven’t worked with MACs for a few years now, but there are
several versions of Linux for MACs.

Greg French says:

My bad…I will do an update.

euchos says:

all your ideas are great !!! hope to meet you sir take care always and ill
oraying for your health… thank you mervin marba of philippines my number
sir 0922-489-1592

Greg French says:

There are deal cert deals and discounts. Just Google it you might find a
deal on a soon expiring voucher.

Jin Limbag says:

thank you sir””can u share some trouble shoots….to me?thks

143alvin says:


chronofusion says:

Windows 7, in a short definition. is what Vista SHOULD have been. The end
😛 Btw. Thanks for all your videos. I just started my own pc repair,
upgrade, and networking upgrade/troublshooting business. I’ve learned much
since 2001 through self taught trial and error experience since i bought my
first prebuilt a Dell 100d smartstep christmas that year.Learn a couple of
things so far. I have no certifications nor degrees. I wish I could take
Comptia A+ ( both of them) exams for less than 200.00

scottie2hotty100 says:

Thank you, Your videos help me complete my project that read do the next
day. It was smooth and very understandable. Learned new wonders of my
computer. Thanks again

Greg French says:

Will be doing an update that will include some troubleshooting.

counterfeitcoin says:

You forgot to cover Linux and MAC OS, as mentioned.

Roland0314 says:

Vista may be bad, but ill take a pc with vista over a mac anyday.

Greg French says:

I use DOS at least 30 times each day to restore my lab computers.

Shugo489 says:

Do you really use DOS every day?

ag0kris says:

have you uploaded an update covering Linux and MAC OS?!

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