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A+ Computer Repair Course Chapter 1 Part 2

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A+ Computer Repair Course Chapter 1 part 2 continued. Part 2 you will learn how to explain what the north bridge and south bridge do in the computer and where they are located. You will be able to identify ATX motherboards and the different ports for attaching input output devices.


ExileZ12 says:

Thank you for the notice. 

ExileZ12 says:

It would’ve been a little more helpful if you posted in your description
where you got the visuals for your presentation. Other than that, I’m
learning a lot from you!

Ryan Mraz says:

Why are you still talking about IDE??? I know it is some what still around,
but now there is Serial ATA (SATA).

Dan Young says:

@frenchge in your experience to those types of businesses usually run a
background check? I’m not saying i would lie but that just shows whats
important to them. if they always run a background check they might not be
as willing to work with people on that. I am very interested in computers,
mostly computer programming but i think doing computer repair would be a
great starter job.

Greg French says:

CompTIA A+ cert is more valuable than a college degree for entry level
computer repair and maintenance jobs.

kalakoul1 says:

i finally found you !! thank you! another student.

Greg French says:

The last 20+ years computers have been designed for, processing,
communication, and sharing information.

madmanscooterz says:

witch is the best anti virus

Kkush305 says:

Thanks for the info!!! but i went on the website and still dnt understand

xxquaflexx says:

why 240p

Greg French says:

This CamStudio…I have recently moved to Camtasia

Lacy Bone says:


ThePolemicus says:

awesome video frenchge!!

ColdCanuck50 says:

@frenchge Currently, the two best consumer, small footprint Anti-Virus
applications are Kaspersky and ESET NOD32.

Greg French says:

Good points…thanks for the comments.

ag0kris says:

Graig, I follow you like in a real classroom…thanks

Mortimer says:

I was just wondering in which year these videos were made any one know
thanks .

Jo Flores says:

have you ever seen any a’s on a screen? I have never seen this i already
fdisked and reformated the hard drive thinking it was a drive problem no it
was not and i also have little squares on my desktop but a’s whan i
shutdown and restart?

Greg French says:

@healthyandyoung Not sure…you should get a legal opinion. Might depend on
the age you were when the offense occurred and the type of offense.

drannard123 says:

awesome very nice thank you i need this as beginner

aris mercado says:


ColdCanuck50 says:

“…it’s hard to beat free.” Granted, free is better than nothing, but $39
for the previously mentioned applications is a good deal to keep you
comfortably virus-free. Free AV programs have the unfortunate habit of
missing newer malware because of slower definition updates. If a computer
user CAN afford the cost of the paid subscription, it is worth it to be

Manuel Suquilanda says:

is good video but not mani resource like entertelment training to public

xxquaflexx says:

@frenchge what do u use to record

RobertMcDermott101 says:

I made notes on your videos to read and to study with, Thank you so much
for uploading these videos they really help 🙂

antigay7 says:

i got this book sp,e where in my closet i think i might go pull it out and
read up on it

jsupra says:

You’re a pretty good teacher, frenchge. I’ll be watching more of your a+
vids. Ever since I was 10, I was fascinated by the computer but was afraid
to ask questions about it.

marketingconsultantp says:

Great training Greg… especially how you go into great details.

feverlead says:

@jofloresz did u flash ur bios? or clear your cmos

Greg French says:

The last 20+ years computers have been designed for processing,
communication, and sharing information.

Greg French says:

I will have to give that some consideration. Thanks for the comment.

Mohamed Mujahith says:

You are doing great mate.. Keep up the good work.. Thank u..

Greg French says:

CompTIA A+ certification is the ticket to get you started quickly.

tingishatako says:

Dear, Dear I have been looking for you for a long long time. Finaly I found
you. May God bless you frenchge and you kind. The Knowlegde given is indeed
the knowlegde earned. Thank you very very much. From this oldman student.

Greg French says:

Avira, Avast, and AVG out perform most.


graig, can u please do as a practical for us?

vince oliver says:

@healthyandyoung start your own business; fuck the employers. If you
haven’t got the drive to work for yourself, you probably won’t be
worthwhile for an employer. You got fire or you don’t.

Greg French says:

@healthyandyoung I have never run any, but I don’t what HR does.

Greg French says:

Not sure why you would get a’s and squares. Could be a video problem.

Dan Young says:

If I have a criminal record (no felonies just misdimeanors) would I have a
hard time getting a job in computer repair even if i am a+ certified? Or do
you think I would be ok? It is 6 years old. I just dont want to invest a
lot of time if its going to be really hard to get a job.

Greg French says:

No age limit.

Greg French says:

About 2 years now…hope to get started on an update next month.

drannard123 says:

thyank you this will me alot thank you frenchge

Greg French says:

Thanks for the info. Avira, Avast, AVG free versions for personal use still
out perform most. However, there are several non-free products as mentioned
that also perform very well, but it’s hard to beat free.

Daniel Davidson says:

I agree with all thee below. Thank so much for this knowledge!

Greg French says:

I am still working on the paper lessons and labs, but you will find some
information at computer repair training plus website.

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