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A+ Computer Repair Course Chapter 1 part 1

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A+ Computer Repair Course Chapter 1 part 1. Learning objectives: 1. You will learn hardware needs software to work. 2. You will learn to identify hardware components.


VWGTI says:

I want to get into computer repair….I`d like to learn how to fix game
systems too.

Chheung Sreypov says:


MacProHardDrive says:

Great info. for college students.

Sam Gar says:

this is going to help me for my class next semester. thanks

abdirahman ali says:




Pablo León Colombo says:

4:43 barking

MW2Sniper says:

Thanks dude, this will help me alot, I am currently studying electronic
systems and part of it is electronic servicing which is mostly computers.

Greg French says:

Hello, Jean Andrews (A+ Guide..) is a the author of the text I used.
However there are other A+ Computer Repair texts that are also good. Hope
this helps. Greg


j’ai aimé merci à vous si je pouvais avoir plus de videos sur oracle formes
ça fera plaisir

whiskeyify says:

I have the A+ Book at home….it shows how to take apart a laptop…just
remove 4 screws from the bottom….LOL I wish it were that easy. Tearing
down a laptop is a lot of work. I don’t know who writes these courses. I
wish they would teach more practical stuff…things that you will do
working in a repair shop everyday. I’m no expert here but worked for many
years in a shop where we fixed all kinds of electronic stuff.

Jyotika Pandey says:


Lm dela cruz says:

thank you so much.. i understand it clearly!!

frodiki says:

Thanks for the course i really enjoy it, thanks a million times

TheDanSuter says:

Hi, is this relevant to the 2009 A+ exam?

ali rizvi says:

plz all your video upload on daily motion plplzplz

Mohammed ESSALEHY says:

Thanks a lot for all this , you are great human being doing this for free ,
you are awesome , thank you

Streetfightmaster says:

240 we meet again :(((

antigay7 says:

@03002354298 what do they pay per hour as a tech at Hp? i always wanted to

trollface870 says:

i need help i screwd up my computer i was going to play a game on my
windows 7 then my “FRIEND” told me to right click the folder then click
open with java it did not work and my apps in the laptop all open up in
java and dont work PLEASE HELLPPPPPPPP

ag0kris says:

Thank you very much frenchge. This is a great service that you’ve done

Greg French says:

No…many good computer techs have little or no math skills.

Greg French says:

@myusuf70 Likely a hardware problem…could be bad power supply, video
card, or motherboard.

Str8Tripa says:

Internal devices GPU

ovais ali says:

@antigay7 yeah they need test Technion for the ML/DL servers for that u
need to know linux and A+. the pay is like $13 an hour 40 hours a week and

djgiohappy says:

Thanks for the videos, I hope you continue helping the community. Gio

JakeOfAllTrades17 says:

thanks for this lesson! I took notes 🙂

Greg French says:

@myusuf70 Hardware problems are easy ti fix. If the computer shows no life
it is usually the power supply. Only 4 screws hold it in place. If the
computer shows life but you have a dark screen it is usually the video
card. Only one screw holds it in place. These are the top two hardware

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