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8 easy ways to fix common iPhone problems

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Have a problem with your iPhone? Don’t run to the Genius Bar just yet. There are tons of easy iPhone fixes you can handle yourself using common household items.

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WeeChun Gaming says:

but i have an ipod and ipad

Kdn Lc500 says:

1:40 you could also use rice!!!

jasonxuong says:

What most people do not realize is that other popular phones have these problems too. Those people are just biased


We always do it out selves we use the things to keep hijab son place u know the needle thing

Zara 123 says:

My sisters phone screen is lowered down almost like how it is when you use the reachabilty thingy. It's stuck on the lock screen and won't let her unlock it. She can't even power it off. She can't swipe the screen and won't react when she touches it. Any ideas?

Orange Fruit says:

The eraser hack also worked on the grille of my Apple Earpods! It sounds like new again

Joshua P says:

0:52 SpongeBob charger pants

Spookeh says:

You're not supposed to do any one of those things, lol

Emanuel Bryan says:

If your phone is getting wet, u know what to do kid

Derpy Gamer says:

Im a android user and i am not here to spread hate😇

DARKSTALKER TheFandomTrash says:

wouldnt the eraser shreads be stuck in the mic thing then?

Qais Hijazi says:

All you need to fix anything in your iphone is a q tip, and lint

FYI I spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how to spell q tip

K.I.D.S A.R.M.Y says:

the stylus worked!

Dragon Fly says:

I like the one with the shoe things

Vishnu Vasa says:

Shows the weak iphone cables.
Shows apple doesnt even include sim ejecting tool.
Shows apple cant even offer a stylus for free…
Moral – SAMSUNG >>>>>>>> apple.

iTs sPoNgEmOcK says:

i dont even have an iphone

Jacob L. says:

Step 1: Read comments
Step 2: Die of stupidity
Step 3: Now you don't need to worry about phone problems! Fixed!

Krazy Potato says:

If you want to use a stylus…

Don't, it's an iPhone you retard.

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