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5 Tips to fix an unresponsive iPhone screen

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If you’ve been having problems with your iPhone or iPad screen not being quite as responsive as usual, don’t panic. In this video, I’m going to share with you 5 tips to fix a non-responsive screen.

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YOONGI _93 says:


lilmomma19kc says:

Thanks a lot

Typical Vinci says:

omg TYSM! When i play games on my iphone sometimes it freezes and doesnt respond to volume button home button mute button or sleep or wake button but i tried that home button with sleep or wake button then it worked! tysm!!!


Thank you very helpful.

Jenny Ayapantecatl says:

Thxs u helped my sister

Ramsy Goldsmith says:

May be it wont work all the time. I faced the similar kind of issue when my iPhone got dead due to black screen. Thanks to iPhone toll free number +1-888-828-5947 where expertise with proper instructions saved my phone, will suggest you all the same.

TillyG says:

This was really helpful, I have an iPhone 7 and pressing down the volume and power button worked! Thank you!

נועם זיו says:

none of them work, useless

SB2 Pixels says:

OMG thanks bro I was freaking out about my phone just a little dirt ty


fuck you fat bitch you didnt help for shit

Two flying horses says:

My mum thought your finger was something else at first !

Nikki Nixon says:

It works after rebooting but when I turn it off then back on it glitches again

Rinii says:

my iphone was normal, but now i can't even log in help T^T

Yasmin Rios says:

yay! fixed it! thank you!!

Mil Evans says:

I can dm people on insta through the story feature. When typing normally though I can’t use emojis the return button and the number button and occasionally the space button. I also can’t swipe up to access the tools

Dipu Subedi says:

Bro my i phone 8+ have been getting hang
Ones i open camera then i phone get autometically freeze..
Please reply

ckatrg 20017 says:

already did as u told. mine is iphone 6 16gb. but still got unresponsive touch sometimes.

Toffieez says:

so i have an iphone 5s and it is just frozen. The last thing i did was exit from google (google didn't even try to work) and now all i can do is turn it off but it gives me the same screen. what do i do?

Xo.sarahdawson The gymnast says:

I dropped my iPhone6s in water and the screen doesn’t work at plz help me cult of mac

Anhad Singha says:

I'm sure this is a software issue

max well says:

How to Restore an iPhone. dial toll free no:- +1-888-704-9305

First of all

Using Your iPhone

then Open Settings.

then Tap your Apple ID.

then Tap iCloud.

then Scroll down and tap iphone Backup

then Tap Back Up Now.
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Peridot_clods says:

yea I have an older iPhone and a notification got stuck and wouldn't let me do anything on the screen. I tried to reboot it but the only thing that came up would be siri or the 'slide to power off' button. I couldn't slide because like i said my screen wasn't working due to the frozen notification. I dont have itunes nor a computer to sync with it. I don't know what to do. Is it because my phone is the 5 s?

kenny Kaspar says:

video was useless to me

Jamel Hudson says:

Bonehead idiot. my phone screen is unresponsive. therefore I can't go into the settings and do any of that shit

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