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#3 Windows 10 :How to fix This Apps can’t open #computerrepair

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Windows 10 :How to fix This App’s can’t open
In this Video tutorial , I have shown how to fix the problem with This apps can’t open in windows
Follow the steps

#Appscannotopen ##windows10 #computerrepair

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Aditi Paul says:

Hey guys in case you are using Windows Home, you will not have the Local Security Policy desktop application. You can try this though :-
windows + R -> regedit -> HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SOFTWARE -> Microsoft -> Windows -> CurrentVersion -> Policies ->
Double click on SYSTEM -> double click on EnableLUA -> value data = 1
Then restart your PC.

Hope it helps! 🙂

Marquez Josh says:

how to fix displaying "apps cant open check windows store"?

Video game Killer says:

My friend wonted to give me a hack for roblox for free and its called Cerberus and this DId not even help then I said " dude its ok give it to someone else 😐

Strike19test says:

what do you say in the first
it's that set pordok mnc

JohnBlox TheGamer says:


Robert Yunus says:

Do you or anyone around here can help me? I did the exact same procedure, but it doesn't work. What now?

জীবন মানে বহতা নদী says:

No working!!! pls help me

Ziggy The Man says:

thank you babe <3

Dimitrije Potic says:

current version wont show up please help

Muaz Dzul says:

Local Security Policy i can't find at my pc please help

Mhad Kad says:

Thanks. This rectified my photos.

Prapatsaro Prapatsaro says:

nice & thzzzz a lot

BLAST says:

I tried everything but still can't do it ;-;

Alex Bal says:

worked great for me. Thank you

Grammar Pepe says:

Local Security Policy wont show up >:(

guga tughushi says:

it works. OMFG it works. thank you guy. well done.


I can't find secpol.MSc in my pc

Nathan Carter says:

My problem is that I no longer have UAC at all. I get these errors/messages and I have followed every tut I can find on how to change permissions, even manually creating the folder in Regedit (where it didn't exist before making) and I still cannot run apps and receive the error message. Im guessing it is because I no longer have UAC on my system at all anymore. How could I fix that?

Nebojsa Nikolic says:

This helped me 100%. Thanks!


haii computer repair how to fix in window 8.1 please help me

Sub-Zero101 says:

Worked for me!!

Atanasiu Adrian says:

work and next update need again 😀

neobestjams says:

Worked for me. Thanks

What I Do On Internet every F**king Day says:


Marrke Perez says:

It's not working for me bro,what do i do ?


still dosent work i get ms-windows-store:Assoc?fileext=wpost The remote procedure call failed

Eldar Jusipov says:

After days of searching iv'e found a working solution:
open "regedit" through RUN and navigate to >>
Set EnableLUA to 1, then the system will ask you to restart.

Karito Gaming says:

if you cant find secpol then just type it local security policy at the bar below

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