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3 iPhone Battery Problems and How To Fix Them

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iPhone suffering from sudden shutdowns? Seem like it can’t hold a charge? Does it feel like it’s burning when charging? Here are some fixes for your problems.

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Please enter a name says:

First step Throw away your iphone
2nd step buy an android 📱
Conclusion ? Never have a complain again !!

Please enter a name says:

Android >>>>>>Apple

Please enter a name says:

Bulishit crap

Onion says:

just asking, but isnt charging and having the phone get hot normal

Vince •Gab says:

Which one has a problem My phone or my charger/ cable because whenever i charge and i use my phone It doesnt get full instead the percentage gets lower how to fix it Pls answer

matikkakäsi says:

Lost 50% watchin this video…

RD 2 says:

Background app refresh is useless tbh

eminemishh says:

Step 1 get an android

Ben Stone says:

Haha for the second one my phone has been ranomely dying and having a screwed up battery and percentage since the end of iOS 8 and it's fully updated and I've factory reset 3 times lol. I've found that playing Smashy road or goat simulator for 30 minutes can make mine drop form 100-0 but I can use Instagram for 1 hour and it will drop 5 percent

Sal Maan Muhammad says:

I thought I was watching Tech Insider

Remon Fahmy says:

hhhhhhhhhhh buy samsung like S8

Tom Tom says:

please add audio to these videos

Bil Shaw says:

enough with tweaks, battery is not big enough to last longer. simple

Dr.Medic man of medicine says:

Step 1: throw away iPhone

hot angel says:

this is the most bullshit channel in youtube.

Daniel Sheppard says:

come on cnet — being an apple service tech if you battery dies quickly its because your battery cells are consumed and you need to replace the battery- its only $79 bucks

Michael Pavia says:

DON'T TURN OFF LOCATION SERVICES!!! This is like the 3rd time i've seen CNet suggesting this! not a good idea!

fsociety says:

Cnet is sooo shite…omfg….kids make better videos

FastLikeUNO says:

I like the music. Hate everything else 🙁

Gavin Volbert says:

Have someone talk please!!!!

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