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2017 Razer Gaming Smartphone Teardown Disassembly Repair Video RZ35-0215

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Teardown/Disassembly video for the new 2017 Razer gaming smartphone Model RZ35-0215


Alek says:

That's sick

pbhenry3 says:

I've been waiting to see a teardown of this, nice.

Chris Summers says:

Great video. When you watch the tear down of none Apple phones it makes you realize just how amazing Apple engineers itโ€™s phone.

Brandon R says:

lmao, so this means i could repaste my phone for better thermals

Yougotnomilk says:

cant decide whether to buy this phone or google pixel2 xl or iphone x

Agent Office says:

Those are coax

Ancients Nox says:

Awesome video man, you beat the ifixit to it. I have the Razer Phone and would love to know if Razer Phone supports UHS-II micro sd cards. Is there addition set of contact pins in the micro sd card reader since the UHS-I has one and UHS-II has 2 rows of contact pins. Much appreciated if you could figure that out and reply. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚

Sam Parson says:

Great video pwrd!

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