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2002 C240 Computer Repair Part 2

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Ok this is the part 2 of this benz ECM problem, on this part I clean the board really good and replace some bad components!!


jeffrey herbert says:

Great video looking forward to more….could i ask what fluid you use in the ultrasonic cleaner.

wyattoneable says:

Like Baxrok2 said, very impressive.

j georges says:

Maic, great video and info always learn something from ya impressive and excellent my friend and thankyou for all you do. cheeeeers

Baxrok2 says:

Extremely impressive repair. I attempted to remove one of those small caps a few months ago and it didn't go so well. You have all of the right tools to do the job right. Well done!

brian kotze says:

Can't wait to see if it's fixed

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