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2 WAYS TO FIX IPAD TOUCHSCREEN NOT RESPONDING – WORKING, this video shows how to reset ipad 1 tablet from any errors and open ipad to fix ribbon cable connection.


Tampatec says:

for anyone that has a ipad this might be useful, enjoy 8^)

Colin Salter says:

I think that video could help a lot of people save some money .Thanks for

Kevin Twiner says:

Thanks Bro. Great video an Merry Christmas to you an your’s! :)

Dart Gar says:

All married guys will be happy after seeing this video. Thank you very
much! By the way I have an LG42 with 3 volts on the on/off on the cable
going to the inverter boards and main board, it is not labeled ,should that
be 5 volts? It powers up no display no back light the remote works the red
light blinks a couple of time and turns to blue. I do not want to trash it
because of the environment. Any help would be greatly appreciated. God
bless and have a nice holidays .

Darren Woodward says:

Good video…will this work on I pad 2 

malagabee says:

Prying any tablets from the touchscreen glass side is a bad idea. Many
times the LCD is glued to the digitizer you risk damaging the LCD not to
mention a sharp flathead screwdriver could shatter the digitizer glass
easily. On Android tablets it is best to open up the back cover and look
for the ribbon cable from there

Nicholas Ngaro says:

bro tampatec do a video on how to fix a ps3 file system and ps4 when no
light or anything wont turn on and the cords r in can u post a video of
that please

deno s says:

Do you have a video on how to change the battery on the iPad 1st.
Generation??? Or more importantly how to disconnect the battery and plug it
back in. Cause that always help with rebooting the System. Can u email me
that at Deno1960@gmail.com. Thanks

Dan Gibson says:

Hello I NEED YOUR HELP… Can you show me how to replace the Baseband
Unknown for the Galaxy Note 3 SM N900 I am not receiving any incoming or
outgoing calls as well as text messages. 

Bobby Tectalabyss says:


Kjartan Geir Kristinsson says:

Does any of this work if the accuracy of the touch screen is not working? –
At least i will try this to be sure.

Tru Diesel says:

Super THANX for the info, it worked flawlessly!

Muhammad Atif says:

Check out this video on YouTube:

Arzu Cagirir says:

Thanks! I dropped my ipad and it never worked!

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