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2 way’s how to fix 3.6 /3.7 volt death lithium smartphone battery not charging with phone adapter

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Also : How to use your Smartphone without a battery .
Kickstart your sleeping not charging smartphone battery ?

Name of device i,m using is the HQ Digichart 120 battery charger

In this video you will learn how to jump start a sleeping
death not charging battery back to life so it can continue charging in the phone…
This is only for Lithium batteries of 3.6 / 3.7 volts and no other.
Don’t pity more power because these batteries can explode, so be careful.

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By Puck Darlington (c) 2016


Dimitris Margaritopoulos says:

Thanks a lot ! Your advise was very useful. It worked !!! My batteries wake up from a deep sleep !

Faizan Ahmed says:

Hi, I have innjoo watch1 but its battery is totally damaged and I am unable find it locally, Can you let me know how can I change its cell or make a new battery for the same device.

QnGreencubes says:

hi nice video :D. Will this work if i use the first method on a camera battery with a positive, negative and neutral (red, black and white) wires?

Sher Lizz says:

sliiiim. Hoe heet dat "gekke" apparaatje waarmee je de accu weer tot leven wekt. En niet onbelangrijk wat kost het? 🙂

Clifford Davis says:

hello I have a ? for you about service tag on Dell how can I get you on email mine is Danimleeka70@gmail.com

iNyan600 says:

Your videos are awesome I take inspiration from them and by the way I am 12 🙂

iNyan600 says:

Puck, Can you send me your boot animation for the Apple because I cannot get the one I made to scale at all please send me yours

Geo Murch Jr. says:

Awesomeness Puck ? Can something like this be done with a battery for a laptop as well? My Chromebook battery for one of my Chromebooks won't charge.

iNyan600 says:

I could never destroy my devices I knew that was fake

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