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11 Hours of PC Repair in HD!

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This is a compilation video of numerous computer repair and upgrade videos I’ve done in the past. It seems people don’t quite understand how to search my video library, so I’m bringing the library to them!



See more of Carey’s video’s here:


Vblackt Anonymous says:

Thanks for this sir ! Keep this channel up very informative.

Ben G says:

I do not use anyone to fix my PC, I fix and build them myself, including friends and family. My Boss's Laptop had so much spyware and malicious content that the CPU was running at about 90 percent just sitting on the desk without anyone thing with it. I had to reformat and reinstall everything, because Windows was too badly damaged and corrupted and time consuming to fix. I had repaired it before with anti virus and anti malware which his 8 year old daughter removed.

The most common problem I run into is lots of dust clogging the vents cause overheating and the computer shutting down.

Reynaldo Torres says:

Carey Holzman you are very good. I must say I am also comptia A+ certified and I have to say I watched 10 hours of your videos and I learned a lot of shortcuts. Because I build my own systems and that's how I learned. Experience is a big factor you tell the truth I hope you put another marathon of fixing computer again. It helps people like me that only get a chance of fixing a friends or family computer to get a chance of fixing or building a computer. If I am bored I will take my computer apart and rebuild it to keep my skills good!

DimebagVision says:

More like CrazyHolzman!
11 hours of lifesaving tutorials is insanity!!

OMikeyboy says:

Appreciate your work and sense of humor. Thanks for taking the time.

Ashish Mathew says:

It is very inspiring & I had built my first computer….It 's very easy. Thank you! Carey for your podcast.

Awesome Dragon says:

Are you kidding me? 10 plus friggin hours…. WOW!

Nature King says:

i like watching your videos,it always refreshes my build skills,cheeeeeers

† A M E T H Y S T † says:

You are the Bob Ross of computer repairs

yvon roy says:

my kids hp laptop ad a broken hard drive.i replace it and it broked again after 1 week of use.replace it again and it did the same thing.dont know what to do now.sorry for bad spelleing.im french.and great video by the way.

traingp7 says:

The two hour 18 minute mark never gets old.  I can watch that look from him for a 11 hours straight alone.

Omar Rami says:

thank you for your time and effort, much appreciated.
very informative and may save me money in the future. thank you

Petrezen1982 says:

I Love the Show, Keep up the good work !

Fred Zlotnick says:

I think HP eliminated the power switch because the switch can be inadvertently switched off and then they get a customer call in or even worse, a return.

Erik Holmerup says:

Possibly my favorite intro of all your videos, tied with the pepsi bottle shooting

mohamed magdy says:

My wifi and grades are taking a direct hit right now.

Robin Essmann says:

Alright! Finally finished the whole thing! Took me three days to watch it all.

ThEcRaZ3dGaM3R says:

Don't worry, Carey… I have a new teleportation device in the works based on ionic atom smashing and beam transportation that's capable of mapping 3D space and planting the object/person exactly where they want to be. All you need is a 3D map saved as a .tpt and set the coordinates of the map you want to be stood and the direction that you want to stand (NESW etc) and the teleporter does the rest for you. My science team has been working on this for the past 9 years and the results so far we've been highly successful. We have only had one teleportation failure that resulted in the subject losing parts of his genitals… Luckily he wanted a vasectomy anyway so they weren't too mad about it!

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