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100% Way to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone 4s 5 or ANY DEVICE [HD]

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Hey guys and welcome to my new Video tutorial. Today i´ll Show you how to repair a water damaged phone. I´m doing this on a iphone 4S.

What you Need:

A screwdriver set for electronics (Small crosstip, flathead and Torx (T5))

And / or a sharp knife.

Some isopropanol


or from the drugstore

A toothbrush

And some skills and time 🙂

Just follow the steps in the Video.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more Videos !

best regards, Steve.


Wipp The Best says:

And do i need to do this of mins after the iphone gets wet coz it has been
a year since the iphone got wet

Koolandre says:

All you need is rice

Jake Evans says:

My phone fell in the toilet, grabbed it out within 10 sec. I put it in a
sock and swung it around to get the water out quickly, put it in a bag of
rice on a vibrating surface then saw this video, Now i did’nt scrub with
alcohol, but I took it all apart and put everything but the battery(didnt
want it to warp) out in the sun( in the 80’s so hot out) for about 20
minutes. put it all back together and it doesnt come on unless i put it on
the charger, and as soon as i unhook it it shuts off, Any idea what going
on or how to fix it?

kad kidd says:

What about rice?

daniel mensour says:

My iphone 5s was dropped in a pool but i got it out quickly and put it in a
bag of rice, the next day when i checked on it it would turn on and work
there were just a few glitches in the screen but after a few hours it
worked perfectly and then just shut down and I can’t turn it on or anything
now, what should I do?

Caleb Bailey says:

Which way do you turn with the sharp knife?

ARIK NiceGameplays says:

can you fix an ipad mini?

Juana Angel says:

+Brad Lista I have not thought about that.. but that is an easy fix I will
try to change it. thank you!
+1holibill yes that is exactly what it is. I will try to replace the
battery and see if the problem is fixed

Borena Newe says:

Your English is perfect.Thank you for sharing.

ahm5514 says:

hello. i have an iphone 5 that i wanted to replace the bettery. when i
lifted the screen it didn’t come in one piece. i mean the glass and screen
came off in one piece while the thin frame underneath didn’t. i saw the
screen was still working at the point in time. then when i was able to lift
the screen frame, i noticed that one of the tiny screws holding the front
camera was really loose so i tighten it up. i proceeded to replace the
battery (i might’ve unplugged the battery before turning the phone off) and
when i put every thing back together, the screen was all black, the phone
doesn’t respond to anything. i call it and it rings but the phone is just
dead. i then plugged it to itunes and it was recognized just fine. any idea
what could the problem be?! :(

Anthony Garcia says:

Just put your phone in rice for a day

Christian Smith says:


potwhovian says:

I think you overestimate the abilities of the average iPhone user good sir.

I just dropped my phone in the toilet and there is no way I can even
imagine doing this without hurting my phone more. 

Ronnie McCain says:

I don’t know if this will work but your instructions were great, very easy
to do and I found much corrosion that had been a result of an iphone day at
the water park, i’m in the drying phase now, thanks for sharing your

Kristela Sprouse says:

Thank you so much! Your English is just fine, I appreciate you trying, for
our benefit! My phone is sitting in rice overnight & I will be opening it
tomorrow, wish me luck!

Dennis Knowles says:

Thanks for this. It is very helpful. Also, your English is very good. Great

Juana Angel says:

Question.. my iPhone 5 was drenched in beer about 2 weeks ago.. I was not
aware that it was wet because whoever did it dried it with a napkin and
left it hoping they wouldn’t get blamed.. when I grabbed it I pressed the
home button to use it and it wouldn’t turn on.. of course I had no idea it
was wet, so I connected it to the charger thinking it had died (totally bad
I know) I was later told about the incident so I decided to put it in rice
hoping it would work.. it now turns on when it is connected to the charger,
but it only goes as far as the apple screen and it has some black lettering
across the top.. I’m not worried so much about the phone.. but I had about
2500 pictures I cannot replace and I would really like to get them back..
would the steps to this video help me?

Wipp The Best says:

ITXtutor! Please respond!

Libby Wheeler says:

ranch dressing damage? 

larissa anagnostakis says:

mine turns on when i put it on charge (just the apple sign) and then after
10 seconds it turns off any suggestions? its been about 1year now…

Mike Kicielinski says:

What is the chance of this working on a phone that has been submerged in
water for about 2 months now?

Chad Johnson says:

there was a lot of green stuff on the battery plug

JPO1292 says:

I am going to try this. Thanks man. If it doesn’t work, thank you anyways
because it is worth the shot. The English was just fine man. 

Wipp The Best says:

Do i need to change my battery?

Derek Gardner says:

Dropped mine in the toilet got it out in under 3 seconds and dry to the
touche in7. IThe phone thinks there are headphones in but works fine

Helen B says:

Brilliant vid! I’m not confident enough for that tho!

Andrew la says:

An u do dis with iphone 4

Saitham says:

My HTC One X+ started rebooting itself and having weird issues like the
lock screen turning on and off after a few drops of water got into the
headphone jack.

After doing this method it’s working completely normal again and I don’t
have to throw it in the thrash, thank you!
I didn’t remove the metal covers on my phone though.

Brooke Mohammed says:

is it just the 5 screws that are different and the screws for the battery
and by the attena and charger connector shield the same?

PIX3L8 says:

awesome thank you so much. this should save me some money :)

elissa GRACE says:

your English is awesome!

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