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100% Way to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone 4 – Wet iPhone Repair

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http://irevivespray.com This is an instructional video for iRevive the only 100% guaranteed water damage repair kit for the iPhone 3G 3GS and 4. If you are wondering what to do when you drop your iPhone in water then this is it!

Step 1: Turn it off!
Step 2: Put it in a dry place and order iRevive
Step 3: Follow the instructions in this video
Step 4: Enjoy having your phone back!

When you order iRevive we include all of the tools that are seen in the video!

Now Offering Mail-In Water Damage Repair Service – http://bit.ly/NerZXu

Rice leaves corrosion in your iPhone! Even if it works to begin with, the corrosion can kill it over time.

Access the iPhone 4 Screw Chart Here: http://irevivespray.com/iphone-4-screw-chart/

Click here for the iPhone 4S instructional video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u32QJzLOL-Y


kuhmil says:

I have a little problem cuz after clean it, I also changed the battery and
after a while like 1 hr maybe or more the iphone just shut down and when I
want to turn it on it just keep the apple logo on the screeen and in a few
sec it turn off. Well I have changed the battery twice and same still
problem. any solutions? I still have the old battery. 

John Driver says:

dropped it in salt water …I don’t think it has a chance

Hilde Trøan says:

I can`t turn my phone back on again. The apple is just flashing, when I
connect it to the computer.
What have I done wrong?

Dylan Schleinkofer says:

my phone has been damagaed for a couple months.. will this stil work


IPhone 4 it’s hot I do not know how to fix it
Do you have a video to repair the heat

Frank Roth says:

I removed the SIM and cooked my 4S at 140F for 1.5 hours. Then put it on
the charger after it cooled and it came up. The rated storage is 113F so do
this at your own risk, but this is only 60C and everything should be rated
to take that temperature.

Caleb Bishop says:

dropped mine in salt water too for a good minute had to dive in the water
to get it before it sank down too far and put it in some rice for 3 days,
it turned on every thing works fine except the lcd is glitchy, my battery
doesnt last as long and my wifi no longer works, does anybody know how to
fix the wifi ? i tried the blow dryer thing and the temperature warning
never came and it was so hot i couldnt touch it with my bare hands 

Red Freeman says:

Nice work !!!

Gopiandcoshow says:

Guess, what I did…..

TheMaji Hex says:

I’m fairly sure I would either: A. Pay 500 Dollars to avoid having to do
this. B. Get a “LifeProof” case. C. Love a Woman who can do these things
until Death do us Part. (And for all of those haters, I am not saying that
a woman who would marry you is only worth 500 dollars…) or D.

Jacob Snow says:


Sven Petzoldt says:

you don’t need this, i simply cleaned everything dry with my tooth brush
and works fine now! just had to remove some lime bridges on the

Ryan Dixon says:

Or get some hopeless Chinese kids to do it.

allison. lhk says:


Steven Mares says:

A whats up

NowIKnow says:

i just took my iphone4 into a cell phone repair for a water damage
treatment…they charged $65 and they said they did three treatments and
still no sign of life. is this possible or are they just doing it wrong?
please let me know asap, i have all my contacts and pictures stored in this
phone, dont want to lose them.

brandon mcgee says:

I used this and managed to save about 8 iphones and resold them for great
value. This spray works and I am almost out of it. should come in a bigger
bottle for how much it is sold for on Amazon.

Michael Lantz says:

100% Way to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone 4 – Wet iPhone Repair
#cellphones, #wetcellphone 

Rey Canedo says:

what kind of liquid did u spray on the motherboard 

Kayla Bryce says:

Will this work if it was in the washing machine

jayden copper says:

Does this really work before i buy it

mrsnavi311 says:

that actually worked thanks

tobyt3tl3y says:

I’ve just done this and it works 100% after my girlfriend dropped her phone
down the toilet over a year ago and it hadn’t turned on since!! Cheers!!!

A li says:

dont buy this people, put your phone in a jar rice

Jurriaan Dam says:

Hi, i got an iphone that was wet after i was cycling from school to my hime
1 moth ago, does it work? And can i order it from europe ?

Kevin Boyles says:

Wouldn’t it be easier to buy a new iPhone?

Melvin Ponce says:

i got my part at poncesbargains

Mark Avrin says:

What about anti-static protection, you should not be handling circuit
boards etc. without proper static protection

Damien Hartley says:

Now sell it for 200 on ebay say like new condition

Anton Chigur says:


Jacob Zwack says:

when I say black screen I mean it was dead completely. still is

MrCelroy says:

put them into seperate containers.

Xavier gomes says:

lol I have the same problem!! dont ask questions it just happened!!

Zachary Rutledge says:

and whenever there is a software update don’t update because it makes your
phone slower so eventually you will want to upgrade

Billy O'Reilly says:

Unless you got patience. My Verizon iPhone 4 just a water damage from my
bathroom sink. I did that on accident.

WarriorCatsOhYeah says:

tell siri to turn them both on. if u have siri.

Simonas Stončius says:

because then they would be airtight and would quickly overheat

psedog says:

This means that you still have a hardware issue. Could be the dock
connector or battery. Those are the likely suspects.

charan k.v says:

actually i wonder how can it repair the water damage by just spraying ?
please explain

dannyjimenez1 says:

my phone doesn’t turn on, I tried everthing already, what happen?

TheStevePow says:

No scam, I copied the video and 100% genuine, stunned and happy.

FreeFromWar says:

That would decrease sales and profits.

GameOfTrains says:

I have iPhone 4 and the camera are all hazed and watery and the phone won’t
turn on. Will this help

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