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100% Water Damaged iPhone 4S Repair Tutorial – Fix Wet iPhone With iRevive

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http://irevivespray.com Fix your water damaged iPhone 4S with this instructional video. iRevive is the only 100% guaranteed water damage repair kit for any iPhone. iRevive is safe to use on the iPhone logic boards. It removes corrosion and displaces any water left in your phone. If you just use rice your phone might work at first but over time it will corrode from the salts left behind after the water evaporates.

If your phone has been exposed to water:
Step 1: Turn it off!
Step 2: Put it in a dry place and order iRevive
Step 3: Follow the instructions in this video
Step 4: Enjoy having your phone back!

iPhone 4S Screw Chart: http://irevivespray.com/iphone-4s-screw-chart/

Now Offering Mail-In Water Damage Repair Service – http://bit.ly/NerZXu

When you order iRevive we include all of the tools that are seen in the video!


ianslifeshow says:

My iphone 4 fell into a water tank for 15 min a few days ago i just removed
the back cover and the battery , held a hair dryer to the back off it for a
few min then left it in a cup of dry rice for 3 days the rice absorbs the
moisture ,My screen was heavily water damaged with this big dark patch and
little white spots the rice removed all the water phone looks like it was
never damaged in the first place now

hubert douy says:

good god I lost you along the way. Way too complicated. I would pitch my
phone first and buy a new one.

jonnies greenteam says:

why the water sensor isnt red or pink?

TutorialsForMom says:

What was the suction cup used for? I don’t recall seeing it actually being

faIR Mods says:

Worked for me but I used perfume instead (massive alcohol content) ! It
wasn’t working for 6 months XD

Dominique Coppens says:

What about ESD protection while you touch the electronics ?

retiredsearge says:

Should have used a phone that actually has water damage. You need to do
this treatment immediately after water damage. If you wait, the corrosion
will eat your motherboard components. No treatment can fix that.

COBassin' says:

If my phone says searching and everything else works because the circuit
board might have shorted. Will this still fix my phone?

Wan HL says:

Can you fix a iphone 5s get dunked in sea (salty) water for more than an
hour and killed?

Chris Henny says:

In My case unfortunately despite doing everything indicated it simply did
not turn back on.

Sean Lewis says:

Isnt water damage permanent tho soo later it will fail again

Mariajose Jarrin says:

if i turned on my phone after it was in the water and now it doesn’t work
at all; does it have any chance to work? 

NowIKnow says:

my iphone4 wouldn’t turn on due to water damage….i took it to the repair
shop and they said they could do a water damage treatment, but suggested
that i let the phone sit in a bag of rice for 24 hours before they try the
treatment. will this work? and more importantly, will it lessen the chances
of fixing the water damage treatment if it doesn’t work??

LexusR3470 says:

will it work on an iphone with 6 moths after water damaged it ?

Yon says:

It really does WORK! Thanks.

itztoosimple says:

Iphone 4s water damage about a month can it be fixed? Or am I doomed?

Miles Dorsey says:

how much will it cost to send my iphone to you to have it repaired.

Bryan Woods says:

Thanks for the great video really helpful. You are very helpful

jessicalynnm88 says:

Yeah only problem is the little Phillips head screwdriver it came with
won’t take the screws out for me to get my battery out. ugh

Cynthia Anais Grace says:

What about an IPad mini

Irmantas Audėjas says:

Allright, I have a question, is it possible to get iReviveSpray in
Lithuania. I mean would you ship it to Lithuania or not?

educate2liberate says:

should i even bother if it got exposed to salt water? I have apple care, I
just wanted to try and save it for the pics etc…

David Drow says:

how long would it take to get my phone back after sending it to you?

georgemouton9841 says:

Same problem here… fix?

Michael Lewis says:

I did everything from this video and my iPhone still doesn’t work. I only
had minor rain damage. The battery is working. No signs left of corrosion.
I don’t know what else to do.

Camiille Bolivar says:

U know u miss the piece of tape from the logic board

Kevin Jenkins says:

your screw chart is screwed.

Artzi says:

Man, I just love you.

Gabriela Rivera says:

My iphone is 100% damaged of water , where can i send to you so it could be
repaired ?

Colby Kinder says:

Yes you do!

Maritza Abonce says:

Mine does the same and my sound only works randomly… Hopefully he replies

kobe tee says:

steve jobs is a fuckin genius.. RIP bro

Brian Fantanna says:

tried this on two different phones both times didnt work

Nickmatzke7 says:

Got my phone working but for some reason having trouble with the service,
it keeps jumping from full bars to none then back to full and im unable to
send/recieve calls. And ideas?

Naomi Gray says:

Will this work for the iphone 5 or could i send it in?

Rigoberto Carrion says:

wooow i still cant believe it.. i just got me iphone back to live .. thank
you guys im so happy and i did it myself.. i will recommend this product it
really works. thanks again

Sonny Martone says:

can you do this for me ?

Malley Mal says:

I did everything correct i think… i managed to fix the water damage for
my camera, work like new. but now i cant seem to connect to my network and
wifi!!! what did i do wrong?

Colby Kinder says:

Everything will be saved!

UzY503 says:

Thanks u so much I love u I dropped me phone in the toilet I took it out
and used your spray and did everything you did and it workers :))))

himmat khan says:

so i dropped my iphone 4s in to the Coffee Glass now it’s working well but
a problem remain is when i want to listen the music i have to use headphone
with out headphone it is not working but i can call and talk with people
with out headphone. it mean i just can’t listen the music in the
loudspeaker of iphone without the headphone. pls help me to repair my
iphone my ID is hi_ahq@yahoo.com sent me email

Jeff Walski says:

After reviving the phone, will all the previous data (pictures, videos,
etc) be saved, or will they be lost? (did not sync before mine died)

Fahad Alvi says:

How long does it take to get the kit in the mail?

Bad Bob says:

Hey Colby, I have a week old Apple replacement 4s that got water spilled on
it, I’d like to send it to you for repair. How do I go about doing that?

Angelique - Chantal Grondin says:


Colby Kinder says:

Yes it is a full 100% money back guarantee!

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