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?? How To Make Easy Money Doing iPhone Repairs

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A Phillip says:

these numbers make no sense

Anne Meredith says:

What's the cost??? !!!!

RichGarcia Tv says:

holy crap man you make a killing thanks for sharing your numbers and advice you deserve this success best of luck in the future

Chad O'Sullivan says:

hey man, your the best gon sub, can you tell me how you started like how many screens you ordered in at the start. i am currently 15 and ive been studying since last year now, done my own repairs myself and have just grabbed clients from school.

Tech And Fashion says:

Is it an online course? If so, where can I find info on it?

Augusto Hernandes says:

Hey! Nice videos. Which programs are you using to manage and grow your videos?

Question Everything says:

i want to learn this. i will pay.

Stephanie Struble says:

You say you do phone repair, do you fix all problems or just replace screens? Also, do u just do Apple or do you do all models?

Dreadloc Josh says:

where should I go to get good quality parts for phones? home buttons, front/back cameras, screens, batteries etc.

#SecretsSelfmadeBillionaires by Paul Chan says:

You are genius. And very generous to be kind enough to teach the rest of the world for free. One day you will be millionaire or a lot more. Thanks. #SecretsSelfMadeBillionaires

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