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How To: Fix “No Service” and “Searching…” on iPhone 3GS 6.0/6.0.1 & 6.15.00 BB STEP BY STEP

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This video will teach you how to fix the “No Service” and “Searching…” error which occurs when you update your iPhone 3GS to 6.0 with the 6.15.00 (iPad baseband).

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Nexthotspot says:

For everyone with the MISSING KEYS.PLIST ERROR
1. Exit redsn0w and turn off your phone and unplug it
2. Plug your phone back in and then enter DFU mode without opening redsn0w
yet. DFU=(3 sec lock button, 10 sec home and lock button, 15 second just
home button).
3. Once in DFU mode, find redsn0w on your computer, right click on it and
take ownership/run as administrator!
4. Open redsn0w, go to Extras>>Select IPSW>> select the 6.0 IPSW.
5. Go back, Jailbreak! let it do its thing and install cydia and then once
the jailbreak is done and phone booted on, turn off your phone.
6. Exit redsn0w, unplug your device, plug it back in and put the phone into
DFU mode! Open redsn0w!
7. In redsn0w go to extras>>select IPSW (6.0).
8. Extras>>Just Boot>> This is the only fix for the missing keys.plist

Solution by Kleosbet

XDLazypanda says:

i can’t find the ultrasn03 fixer 6.0
Hellp >

Phương Smiley says:

After fix “No service”
After power off… My phone “NO SERVICE” once again…
I must reboot phone again. Annoy >< How to fix it 🙁 Please help me.

Michael Abraham Arhin says:

Dude thanks for this video. I struggled for so many days to update my
iPhone 3gs to iOS 6.1.6 and jailbreak it, but after watching your video and
followed your link, i am 100% excited and recommend your video to anyone
who is having the same problem. Once again thanks

kkklaus says:

Thanks to you I have a 3gs running on 6.1.6 fully unlocked.The only thing I
did (haven`t found ultrasn0w fixer on Cydia) was to jailbreak with Cydia
checked once .And then with Cydia unchecked but Ipad baseband
checked….flawless.Thank you!

Jc Ramos says:

Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..
Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..
Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..
Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..
Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..
Please help me. i cant find ultrasn0w fixer..

kingofenglandthethir says:

Missing key list
Isn’t it better to downgrade the baseband.

Vanteru Hema says:

what to do incase of home button not functions

Andreas Georgiou says:

Thank you man you solve my problem!

Jeff Sorioso says:

it says MISSING KEYS error 🙁 hooooowwww????

James Kelsall says:

at the last step when downloading the fixer, it won’t let be its saying i
have to have a paid package????

ruesdale tahadlangit says:

i cant make it to dfu mode

hweenmask says:

hey fag i just got my 3gs bricked for life because of you you fucking faggot
i will pray for your death every night

son of a bitch

Henaye G says:

thank you bro. 100% its work

alvin naeg says:

oh my goddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you’re
awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAD BEEN SEARCHING FOR

deepanshu 'mr rox' says:


I am facing the same problem in iphone 5s. Can you help me with that too?


Ankur singh chaudhary says:

thank u it worked

Palle Balle says:

OMFG my iphone can turn on now THANKS!

Hayley Huynh says:

my home button doenst work, what should i do?

Pramish Luitel says:

I have same problem on Iphone 4s is this a same solution to the problem 

Sumesh Lama says:

Any solution for the no service problem please.. every time my phone turns
off no service problems occurs… pls help

George Pepito says:

HELP :'( im stuck on turning off my iphone.. it won’t turn off. 

bolero E says:

Can i do this on iphone4?

prithvi raj says:

cant find ultrasnowfixer 

Fiyaz Bin Tarek says:

hey bro i’m from Bangladesh. I followed each and every step as u did. At
first, my career was shown on the phone….. then my phone turned off
because of low battery and then the same problem. “No Service” . Can you
please help me .

kiki satria says:

i miss my wifi signal and my iphone will restart 5minutes in times..anyone
can help me please.?

craizy missmove says:

i can not connect my iphone with the pc .. 

joey diaz says:

hey man u know that screen that popped up when u clicked intall the
baseband what if my 3gs falls under those numbers? I have the newboot rom
and I was previously unlocked with the ipad bb

Tuyet mai xuan says:

I have a 3gs which is updated by my friend to ios 6.1.3 (using redsn0w),
and now its always no service, and my maps, safari, calendar won’t work
anymore, none of them is even loading… So does this work on my iphone?
Help me please! :(((((

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